Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Best friend always there for me

The Author of this post is Darius Boone

My best friend has always been the responsible one. I was always the one who wanted to party until the late hours of the night. I was always the one wanting to get a tattoo or body piercing. She was always the one reminding me I had a test at 8 AM or what tattoos looking like on old women. She has always been there to keep me together. I don’t know why she was surprised when I needed her help to move into my new house. I think she might have been surprised that I actually had a house. She was sweet though. After the initial shock, she came over and helped me decorate the living room. She showed me how she made sure to Shop Electricity Rates and Save in Texas. She has always been a big saver, so of course she applies that to everything she does in life. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually, I am sure that is why she has been able to buy a house twice the size of mine. She is a wonderful friend and my life would be completely different without her. I am sure I would have failed out of school and had more body piercing and tattoos than I would care to admit. Thankfully, I only have the one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I do it myself!

I did a real grocery shopping this afternoon. I bought a lot of meat good for two weeks. I spend about 215 dollars. I am not usually spending this much when I shop, except when my husband is with me and if we do it all together on weekend. Since the city market is about 17 miles away from the house, so I decided to do a real grocery shopping. I didn’t make any grocery list, I just remember the things that I need for the week. More meat the better because I don’t want to go back again in the store this week unless if I ran out of milk for my little girl. Well, it went pretty good because Dana was just sitting down in the cart and Dustin was being a good boy just following me around. Because of that, I treat them to Mcdonalds after we shop. I also fill up the truck with gas. Now I feel like I can be more independent especially when it comes to grocery shopping because before, my husband do the shopping the most and I just stay in the house with the kids. I think it’s too much for him to do shop after work and I felt very good after what I did today.

Monday, January 16, 2012

learn guitar

If Dustin love instruments, we will not hold back to let him learn those. As a parent, we will support him in everything he do. We always wanted the best for him and if he wants to learn guitar or learn how to play piano then we will help him to succeed. I am not sure yet if they have it here in Monte Vista Valley but I am sure there are some professional tutor that would love to teach him learn to play this type of instruments. He is such a smart boy, so it won't be a problem for him to learn it. I would love to see him playing guitar and learn how to play piano in the future. It's a parents proud to see their kids or children be successful in this field.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kids in their sled!

Sledding is surely fun and the kids love it. We make a little hill in the backyard that way the kids can sled anytime they want. We still have a lot of snow in the backyard and some part of it already melted but some are not. Well, as long the kids having fun, will try to invite other kids from our congregation to play with the kids. I am sure they would love it too. This is a nice picture of Dana and Dustin, you can see the happiness on their face ;-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

welding jackets

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow fort

Dustin was so happy on his snow fort. Daddy made it for him that way he can play there anytime he likes. Just a right size for him to crawl in and out in that snow fort. Well, I called it snow tunnel. Dana doesn't like to be inside the little tunnel, she got scared but not Dustin!

Online Home School

We just sign up for my kids online home school for this year 2012 at Actually we are planning to put him in a public school here in Monte Vista but then my husband doesn’t like the schedule for kindergarten. The school start very early at 7:45am until 3:00pm and as a parent we don’t want to put Dustin on 8 hour class. I think its way too much for a 6 year old kid to be in school that long. Maybe its okay for first grade to 8th grade but not the preschooler or a kindergarten. Dustin seems like the home schooling because he can learn a lot through the computer and I am here to guide him all the way. He is such a smart boy and her teacher said that his reading level is already in 10th level. We already did a lot of activities and he also complete all his lessons and he did pretty good. So far he can catch it up right away and figure it out by himself. He got 100% on all the quizzes and some of them, he got 1 mistake for the quiz and the rest, he did it right. I am so proud of him and so happy that he learns a lot and he enjoyed every moment he spend on the computer for his online home school. I can see that his progressing a lot and hopefully when he finish kindergarten, he won’t have hard time learning the first grade lesson.