Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I do it myself!

I did a real grocery shopping this afternoon. I bought a lot of meat good for two weeks. I spend about 215 dollars. I am not usually spending this much when I shop, except when my husband is with me and if we do it all together on weekend. Since the city market is about 17 miles away from the house, so I decided to do a real grocery shopping. I didn’t make any grocery list, I just remember the things that I need for the week. More meat the better because I don’t want to go back again in the store this week unless if I ran out of milk for my little girl. Well, it went pretty good because Dana was just sitting down in the cart and Dustin was being a good boy just following me around. Because of that, I treat them to Mcdonalds after we shop. I also fill up the truck with gas. Now I feel like I can be more independent especially when it comes to grocery shopping because before, my husband do the shopping the most and I just stay in the house with the kids. I think it’s too much for him to do shop after work and I felt very good after what I did today.

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