Friday, February 24, 2012

mommy and daughter bonding

My daughter loves to hug me all the time. She's wrapping her arms around my neck very tight and she never forgets to say I love you mommy. It melts my heart to hear those words. I love to cuddle and play around with my kids. Hearing their laughs makes me happy and love my baby girl so much!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

proud of her...

I have a friend who graduated from CNA last couple months and I am so proud of her. I am glad she took that opportunity so that she can work in the hospital. She really love to work in the medical area and I bet she is really happy in her decision. She is just processing her papers for her alien residency and hopefully she will get her 10 years green card. Two days ago she called me and ask me about the requirement she needs to bring for biometrics and she also ask if she needs to bring her medical insurance since she don't have it yet. She said she will get it when she started working but as of now, she needs to bring the other requirements. Anyhow, talking about important coverage for a physician or other healthcare professionals you can get a free quote at or you can call this number for more information at 866-824-0137.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

family lawyer

Would it be nice to have a family lawyer? You can rely on them for any cases you are facing. There are a lot of problems, issues going on in every family nowadays especially when both parents are planning for a divorce or a separation. What will the kids will do if they separated? There are lot of things to consider like the custody of children, the child and spousal support, the division of property and more. Of course only the lawyer can help you with this matter. Without the lawyers help, it would be hard for you to do it.

We don’t have family lawyer’s yet and if ever we need one at least we know whom we contact. We would like to consider using the family lawyer from because they are providing expert legal services and they been serving their clients and community since 1871. So if you are looking for a family lawyer, this is the website I will absolutely recommend. You better contact them now and let their lawyers help you!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kids bean bag

My husband just bought this two bean bag for the kids for them to play and sit at their play room. It was comfy and the kids loves it. Dana usually fall asleep on her bean bag and when she woke up, she's all sweaty. But she doesn't mind at all, next time I need to put a blanket under it so that it won't be too hot for her to sleep.

migraine procedure

I usually have mild migraines when my period comes. Just little bit of dizziness and headache but its not that bad. I am still thankful that I don’t have a severe migraines like my friend in the Philippines has. I remember the time when her migraine attack, she always hit her head in the wall and it looks really bad you know. I feel pity on her and I told her to better go to the hospital to check his migraine because it might be a serious thing. I don’t know the Migraine procedure but with the help of the, it gives me idea on how omega procedure works. If you need treatment on your migraine, this might be the right website for you to visit.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

car title loans Nebraska

I was just surfing online and trying to find a safe, secure and convenient service for auto title loans. Well, I am not doing this for myself, I am doing this to help my friend who are currently living now in Nebraska. I didn’t promise her anything instead I told her if I will find one, I will let her know right away. While browsing online, I bumped to this website at and I read some of their clients testimonials so I was thinking this will be the right one for them. The Turbo Title Loans help thousands of satisfied customers get the cash they need through their car title loans Nebraska. Their service are safe, secure and fast so I think I will let her know about this and see if this is the one they need.

Dustin loose tooth

Dustin was so happy when his tooth come off and guess what? he doesn't feel any pain. His teeth has been loose for a week and last two days ago when he eat Pizza, he accidentally bite where his tooth loose, he cried when he saw the blood and he says it was hurt. I gave him some salt water, it helps to stop the bleeding. The tooth didn't come off that time then yesterday, I keep telling him to keep pushing his loose tooth with his tongue then when I check it, I started to wiggle it a little bit and woolah! it comes off easily without leaving any blood spot. I told my husband right away and he said he will buy him a present after work. I put the loose tooth in a small plastic bag and took a pictures of him. I will add it to his photo album as a remembrance! ;-)