Thursday, March 29, 2012

plastic model car kits

My husband has this plastic model car, I am not sure where it is now, maybe it still in the garage because we still have some boxes that we didn’t open since we moved. He got those model cars when he was a little boy. He keep it as a collection but some of it are already broken. Dustin my six years old son wanted to play those plastic cars but I told him not because he might get hurt with it, it has some broken parts, either we need to throw it away or buy a plastic model car kits that way we don’t need to throw them. We can still reuse it and the kids can still play with it. Dustin love cars a lot and he already have a lot of hot wheels and matchboxes. He also have this all kinds of remote control cars, well that what all boys like. We can see his passion on cars and legos so I guess when he grow up he will become a good car engineer or a car builder. Will find that out when he grow up!

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