Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Bike Ride

Mike just bought me a new bike so both him and I have a new bike. The kids are so happy when we all ride a bike together as a family. Dustin just learn riding his bike without the training wheels. He made up his mind last week to take off his training wheels and a few days later, he already figure it out on how to ride his own. Now he had fun riding his bike and every afternoon we get a chance to ride a bike while waiting for daddy to come home.

Misting fan

When we’re in Grand Junction, every summer we always put the misting fan in our dog kennel. They love it especially Princess our female Mastiff. She just sit in front of the misting fan and make herself wet. We just moved out here in Monte Vista and I think their weather here is much cooler than in Grand Junction, so I am not sure if we need a misting fan this summer but if we did, at least we already know where to buy misting fan online or maybe we can just visit one of the store in Alamosa where they carry any other type of misting fan. But will see this summer. Right now, we are enjoying the weather, we’ll have 70 degrees this week so it is really nice to have a barbecue in the backyard.

Monday, April 23, 2012

fabric online

faI never tried to buy fabric online because I‘m scared I might get the wrong fabric. We still thinking about what best fabric to use on our dogs elbow pads. For now, we just use denims and flannel type. We usually buy it at the fabric store in Alamosa. It’s about 15 minutes drive from home. I also like to sew baby dress for my 3 year old daughter and for myself. Right now, I don’t have any fabric to use, then I decided to look some fabric online and came across this website at My friend told me to look for kaufmann fabrics, this might be the fabric that I am looking for. I am still not sure but I saw some nice one especially their floral fabric. For me, its way too many selections and I am not good in choosing the right color and fabric unless I have someone to help me but maybe I can try and see how good their fabric is.

Dana playing with her trains

We are getting ready to go meeting but Dana still playing with her cho-cho train. She's having fun with it and she looks so adorable with her yellow dress too. So I decided to take a picture of her and look at her, she is such a cutie!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

knee walker

Having a leg or knee surgery is not easy, you need to use crutches while waiting for your leg to heal. You can’t hardly walk and can’t go anywhere you want. I am glad they make this amazing knee walker. Have you tried this knee walker before? I saw the video and I think this is better than using crutches. This is very comfortable to use and many customers are very satisfied using the product. They said that this Roll-A-Bout knee walker was wonderful. It made their life easier. So why use crutches if they offer a rental knee walker that make it easier for you to do the things you want to do. For more details about this product visit

The kids with Princess

Look at Dana's face, she was eating chocolate ice cream bar and the chocolate is all over her face now. She said, mommy my hand are sticky ;-) Don't worry baby, after you eat your ice cream bar, will wash your hand okay? We just give Princess a bath and she's laying down in the grass to get herself dry. It was so nice that Dustin ask me to take a picture of them together. This photo taken in our backyard :-)

tv stand

If ever we get our new entertainment furniture for our new bigger tv, we will make it sure we can also get a stereo stand. We don’t want to put the stereo on top of the tv stand or somewhere in the floor. I am sure they have it available, if not then we need to find the one that fits perfectly in our living room. Entertainment furniture seems very expensive and hopefully we can get a good deal with it. While browsing online about tv stands, I came across this website at, they have great selections on all their tv stands. You can shop by brands, style, by screen size the types of tv mounts you need and they offer a great prices! You might want to visit and take a look and see if you can find the one that you are looking for.

the bathroom light

We have friends come over yesterday and I am kind a worry when I checked our bathroom because we forget to put a new bathroom light. I only remember when my son told me, what happen to the bathroom light? and I say well, we can replace it as soon as we get our new bathroom lighting. For now, we can just leave it like that, we can wait until next week. They are still look okay, it just need to change a new bulb. The other bathroom needs a new lighting because I don’t like the style of it. I saw a nice bathroom lighting at and the Kichler Broadview Bathroom Wall light will be perfect in our bathroom because it has two lights and it's simple and look elegant.

Dustin riding motorcycle with daddy

Dustin was so excited when he get a chance to ride on daddy's motorcycle. This is his first time to ride and he said it was fun. They just turn around circle in the front yard. Just to let him experience to do back ride. So I told him to hold on daddy tight and don't let go.  It was a nice photo though ;-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sister Moving

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

My sister is moving to my town. She is totally sad to be leaving all of her friends in her current town, but I am trying to convince her how awesome it is going to be to live in Texas with me. I told her that we will be able to pick each others' kids up anytime we need to, we could even do a carpool. It is just going to be so nice to have family in town. I am thinking we will never have to hire another babysitter, unless we go out together! I told her she will get to Shop Electricity Rates Texas since she is moving here, and shopping is her favorite thing to do, no matter what she is shopping for! I am picturing Wednesday nights being our nights to meet at the Mexican restaurant every week. I will finally have someone to go see all of the girly movies with me. I can't wait! I think she will be really happy once she gets here, I know it is hard to leave a place that you have lived for fifteen years. I know that change is also scary.