Monday, April 23, 2012

fabric online

faI never tried to buy fabric online because I‘m scared I might get the wrong fabric. We still thinking about what best fabric to use on our dogs elbow pads. For now, we just use denims and flannel type. We usually buy it at the fabric store in Alamosa. It’s about 15 minutes drive from home. I also like to sew baby dress for my 3 year old daughter and for myself. Right now, I don’t have any fabric to use, then I decided to look some fabric online and came across this website at My friend told me to look for kaufmann fabrics, this might be the fabric that I am looking for. I am still not sure but I saw some nice one especially their floral fabric. For me, its way too many selections and I am not good in choosing the right color and fabric unless I have someone to help me but maybe I can try and see how good their fabric is.


Anonymous said...

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Femikey said...

thanks! im glad u find my blog interesting, keep coming back and enjoy your stay!