Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nice day...

It's nice to play in the backyard when the weather is nice as this. It was sunny, blue sky and its not really windy. Unlike this past few days, the wind are terrible. It was blasting and a lot of dust in the air. The tomatoes and peppers that we just planted couple days ago, it frost and it died. I don't think we will buy tomato plant and peppers again. :-)

trucker gps

A friend of mine ask if I have a gps in my car and I say No. I am not sure if we need it but if we does, I guess we can get one. Her husband bought her a trucker gps for their trucking business and she used it in personal use too but she’s not sure if she got the right one. She might need to replace it or get another one that way she doesn’t need to use her tracker gps on her personal use. I recommended her the trucker gps available online at since they offer a very affordable price. This might be the right one she need, but I am not sure, she might need to look at it and see for herself.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your legal seeker

Taking over the counter drugs is not good to your health even though it is prescribed from your doctor especially if you are not taking it right. Your health is at stake when you take as much as it prescribed. Like when you are pregnant, you can't take any strong medication because it might affect the health of your baby. Some medication have very bad side effects. So we really need to be careful with that. Like me, I don't really take pain killers especially if I can still take the pain. If I can't bare the pain anymore that's the time I will get the medication or go to the doctor.
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Playing in the backyard

While daddy is busy mowing the lawn, me and the kids are having fun playing. We took some photos, play tag you it and the kids are playing the rake. They play pretend that they can ride the rake like a horse. They just want to ride on my back. It was a nice day to play in our backyard. The grass is green and nice and the kids really having fun :-)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

fleet gps

Is it that worrisome when your teenager kids drive the car and you don’t know where they are? I am sure many parents have the same problem like this. But you know what? If you really worried that much, you can get a real-time mobile tracking from, I think that’s what they called fleet gps. We never have this one yet since we don’t have teenager living in the house but if we did, we will surely need this type of tracking device, that way we can track the kids and we can have a peace of mind and know where they are.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I remember what my mom told me before that I need to finish my studies before anything else because education is very important. I can use it in the future and find a better job if I have to. Well, I didn’t finish a master degree since we can’t afford it but I finish my 2 year vocational course. I got married in the age of 23 so I didn’t get a chance to take another course to pursue but I have a lot of plans. I wanted to become a designer and an artist and more on computer I guess. When the kids are big enough to do their own and start going to school especially my younger daughter. I might take an online course and see how it goes.
I know many of you out there are really want to have a good education. If you really want to learn, there are some options that you can choose. Either you are looking for an accredited undergraduate, graduate degree and certificate programs, they have it all online. More easier and faster and you don’t need to go to the campus to do it. In the comfort of your home, you can find the program and degree you need. You can apply now at