Monday, June 25, 2012

She's a big girl now!

It's so cute to hear everytime she says that she is a big girl now. I know she is a big girl, she's 3 years old now, she grown so fast! She's really good in potty training and she played mario wii games really good. She can play by herself now! It's easy for her to play at World 1-1 and world 1-3 where the yoshis are. She loves to play and ride with yoshi. Look how serious she is when she play her favorite new mario wii games! She can also write her name! What a big girl! For us, she still our little princess, love you dana pie!

My kids and I at the Convention

Before the convention start, I took photos of me and my kids then we will go outside and see the pond. Take a family picture at the pond and meet new friends at the convention. I meet a Filipino Witnesses there, they are from Bassault Congregation and last Sunday one of the sister in our congregation introduced me to her Filipina friend and I am so happy to meet her. Love the feeling of being peaceful and been surrounding of people who love Jehovah.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Just got back...

We're just back from our Convention in Pueblo. It was so nice and such a very heart warming talk they give. We stayed for 4 nights at the Marriot Hotel and the kids really had fun swimming at the pool. We got a chance to eat at the Bingo Burger and last night we had our dinner at Golden Coral. The kids love that strawberry dip in a chocolate waterfall and also that cotton candy. It was fun and 2 weeks from now, we will going to Michigan for a 3 weeks vacation to visit my mother-in-law. It was a long ride but it was exciting!

best wordpress hosting

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dustin jump!

I took this photos for fun. He likes to jump and the first photo is the one I like the most. I think I captured the perfect jump. We just mow the lawn and look how pretty the lawn is! Love our lawn and the kids love to play in it!

ceiling fans

Here it goes again, I saw that Casablanca ceiling fans that I really like online. I would like to replace our old ceiling fan to that ceiling fan I saw at That will be perfect in the living room. Well, if we can’t do that, we can still put ceiling fan on the kids room since they don’t have ceiling fan installed in the kids bedroom. That’s why my 6 year old son doesn’t want to sleep in his bedroom because he sweat a lot and he doesn’t like it when he don’t have the fan on. We try to put the electric fan to it but he still doesn’t like it. He prefer to have ceiling fan that’s why he always end up sleeping in our bedroom.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dustin second loose tooth

Look how happy he is that he pulled his loose tooth all by himself! Its been a month since he got his loose tooth. The adult tooth already coming out in the back of his baby tooth and I keep telling him to keep wiggling his loose tooth and don't wait until the other one comes out. That way he don't have two tooth in one place. Anyhow, I keep his second loose tooth and will put it in my scrapbook that way he can see it when he grow up. It's nice to keep memories from the kids and family then in the future we can look at those pictures with a smile in our face. :-)

toyota truck accessories

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work uniform

I’m so glad that my brother find a new job. He is still working at the bakery in a new management and I am sure he can’t wait to wear his new work uniforms. I like their uniforms because its all white and it looks really neat and clean. He is very good on all his white clothing. He is the one who wash it and of course his wife is the one who iron it everyday. I remember the time when I work at the CafĂ© and wear our new work uniforms. Too bad I quit early because I got pregnant that time and my husband doesn’t want me to work anymore so I gave my work uniform to my co-worker. I have a lot of memories at work and I miss sitting down in my computer and do all the typing job.