Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

When we move to our new house, the first thing we do is to make sure everything in the house is working alright. The lights, the water, the irrigation supplies, all the sprinkler system in the front and back of the yard and more. I guess we hire someone to do the inspection that way we don't need to worry if we moved out. If there are something wrong then we can fix and replace a new one right away.

I like our lawn sprinkler systems here, once in a while in the afternoon the kids can play in the backyard when the sprinkler is on; they just love to play in the water. So when the sprinkler is on, they will just run around and make themselves wet. Just have a little problem in the front yard though, because I notice that the sprinkler heads are sticking up even though the sprinker is already off, So I need to go outside and give a little push in it. 

But so far we are happy to live in this Valley, we meet a lot of friends in the congregation, we can do a lot of outdoors adventure on summer and fall like hiking, fishing and camping. We saw a lot of camping and hiking trails in San Luis Valley so we are really happy about it.

Kids get together

Yesterday after service, the kids are looking forward that afternoon because their friends will come over to the house and play with them for couple hours. One of them bought a water balloon, they really had fun playing with it, they get all wet and hearing those little laughs makes me happy. It reminds me of my childhood. It takes only few minutes to used all those water balloons after they done, they go back inside and play the wii games. Dustin showed his friends his new wii games the "Wipe Out". At first, the second player doesn't work but the more they try it in a couple times then they get a chance to work the second player so they having a blast yesterday for that game. When their parents arrive, we invited them to stay a little longer and have dinner with us. We just had a hamburger and a chili dog. It was sooo good!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

poly sheeting

We did paint our 3 bedroom before when we live in Grand Junction. It was fun to paint but at the same time its very tiring. We need to move all the furniture in the bedroom and cover the floor with the poly sheeting. The poly sheeting helps a lot, we didn’t get any paint spot in the floor. All the paint drip goes to the sheet so its kind a neat. That’s what happens too when we moved here in our new house in San Luis Valley. The moving company use plastic and poly sheet to cover the floor to make sure they won’t get any dirt and snow inside the house while their bringing all the furniture in. So when it comes to poly sheeting, you can buy them online at

Kids caught fish!

We went on fishing today at Echo Canyon around noon. At first we didn't caught anything because we are not using the right bait. We pack our stuff and leave the area for awhile and went to the fishing store at Pagosa Spring to get some worm for bait and come back. We didn't go back to the same spot, we transfer to the other side of the lake and when Dustin throw his fishing pole, he caught one right away! That was a quick one! and look he is so happy that he caught his first fish! Same as Dana, she caught one too! What a nice day to go fishing and see the smile on my kids face! :-) Will do this again next time, maybe next weekend. Next time, we'll make sure we will take the fish home and have it for dinner! :-) 

Friday, July 27, 2012

sterling silver necklace

I remember when we went to San Francisco, I saw this very nice sterling silver necklace at one of the jewelry store, I was thinking to buy it but when I look at the price, it seems very expensive so I decided not to. I didn't even told my husband about it, I don't want to spend that much in our vacation, rather buying expensive jewelry, its better to spend it more to our vacation because we still need to go to Monterey after few days in San Francisco. I will just wait for our anniversary then. Anyhow, if you like this type of jewelry, you can visit, they have great selections of sterling silver necklace and bracelet.

Like a turtle

We just bought Cocao our Pitbull his own dog bed but instead of the dog laying on it, the kids are having fun playing with it. They pretend to be like a turtle, like Dana at the first photo, she thinks she's a turtle hiding in her shell. She so silly, and she's riding Dustin's back too and they keep laughing. Now stop playing that dog bed and give it to Cocao that way Cocao can sleep and rest in it. Silly kids... hehe :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Battery charger

When we went to Michigan last 2 weeks ago, I thought I forgot to bring my Battery charger for my cellphone and the charger for my laptop. It freaks me out! I don’t want to buy a new battery charger then when we get back, we have a double charger for my phone. I’m glad my husband bring his battery charger and he also put my charger in his luggage. When I found out, I feel relief and happy. Next time I need to make sure that Battery charger is on my vacation list and guess what? I need to buy rechargeable batteries for our wii controllers because one of them already run out of batteries.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family time - Hiking

This photo taken last week Friday, July 20, 2012 at Big Meadows Trail. The last time we went for a hike is when Dustin is about a year old. That was 5 years ago. We still used the bag pack carrier that we used for Dustin and now Dana is the one riding in it. The view are fantastic, the lake look very nice and clean. We saw some people go on fishing at the lake, we might go on fishing next time but first we need to buy some fishing stuff. The hike was very nice, it was 3 miles walking around the lake. We saw some wild flowers, we hear the woodpecker very loudly in the woods, the beaver house, the waterfalls and we really enjoy the view.

Options for infertile women

Thank you, Melissa, for contributing this guest post!

After trying time and again to try to conceive a baby, I finally paid that dreadful visit to the doctor to learn that I am indeed infertile. At any age, this can be a traumatizing truth to a women. At age 25, I was mortified. I started questioning just what it was that I had done throughout my life that made me this way. Had I ate one too many late-night cheeseburgers in college? Gone out drinking too much and exercised too little? What if I had quit smoking just a year earlier than I did? I eventually learned that blaming my former-self sure wasn't helping my stress levels, which in turn was damaging my body even more!

So how did I come around and choose help over self-deprecation? Believe it or not, it started with a simple Google search of “infertility help” when I came across Resolve. Upon my reading I slowly began to realize that organizations such as this one wouldn't exist unless there were plenty of other women like me! So I continued my searches by seeking out these women on forums. God bless the Internet, because not only has it connected me with women whom I can relate to, but its sources provided me with all the options which I eventually weighed to give me the beautiful baby I have today.

And just what are some of these options? Well, I personally began with some of the “less extreme” options. Taking fertility medicines along with intrauterine insemination, or IUI, proved useless, as did in vitro fertilization, or IVF. Adoption, of course, was a consideration of mine. The process, to be honest, was its biggest put-off. And surrogacy, as much respect as I have for women who become surrogate mothers, seemed a little strange for me. This is when I decided to try an egg donor. There are plenty of egg donation centers to be found. My Egg Bank is one such location and is considered to be one of the top egg donation facilites in Atlanta. My egg donor gave me a child, saved my marriage, and saved my life. I am forever grateful to this anonymous donor and have the utmost respect for any woman who has the right stuff to become an egg donor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mike and the kids

Look how sweet this photo is. The kids are all over their daddy. Dana is jealous because Dustin get a chance to ride on daddy shoulder. She wanted to ride too. I was just busy shopping and picking some dresses to try it on then suddenly I saw them like this so I grab my photo and take a picture of them. It was a nice photo, love it!

Holiday Inn in Kansas

This is the second night going to Michigan. Instead of driving another 16 hours, we decided to drive 9  hours and will do another 6 hours tomorrow. Will surely be there in Michigan Monday afternoon. We had great time, Mike check their indoor pool and it was very nice. The water temperature is just right. We're just the only one swimming that time, we left when some family came. This are one of my favorite photos.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picnic time!

Picnic is fun for the family and everyone in the family can do it especially to those people who love outdoors. We did picnic today at the Stoney Creek Metropark and it was really nice. We let the kids play around at their play area, they have pretty nice playground for the kids and I really enjoy watching the kids playing. I also feel young like those little kids playing at the park. The weather is nice, we have 82 degrees. The water at the lake got perfect temperature and that is my first time swimming at their fresh water beach. Anyhow, I saw some guy wearing an mma shirts, that was pretty cool! When we get home, I look up online for mma shirts and I found the one that I am looking for. I bet those guys got this shirts online or maybe not. But you know what? We all got worn out for all the swimming and playing we did and I think I'm kind a need a nap right now.

At Mom's backyard

We're here in Michigan for our 10 days vacation. We arrive safely to my mother in law house. It was 6 years ago since the last time we visited Michigan and were glad that we made it this year. The kids really had fun! they are so happy to see their Grandma. This photo taken at mom's backyard, they have a little play area out there so I took my camera and take a picture of me and the kids, daddy is watching us at the sliding door. :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Went to Detroit Zoo!

We went to the zoo today, it was really fun. The kids are all excited to see their favorite animals. My 3 year old daughter wanted to see Giraffe's, flamingos, lions and tigers and Dustin like the birds, penguins, sea otters and Rhinos. They have fabulous area for those big animals and the gorillas and chimpanzees are pretty cool! Anyhow, we rode a train first all the way to the back of the zoo and start from there to front. It's a long way walk but it was fun though to see all those different kinds of animals that I've never seen in the Philippines before. I only seen those animals on TV and its really amazing to see them personally. We finished around 3 o'clock and before we headed home of course we stop by to their zoo gift shop store. They have all kinds of animal toys, large plush animals to small one, animals jewelries, t-shirts and other souvenirs from the zoo. Me and Dana got a pink detroit zoo t-shirt, she also got a bush baby stuff toy and Dustin got a Safari big zoo transporter. Thanks to daddy for taking us to the zoo today!