Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

When we move to our new house, the first thing we do is to make sure everything in the house is working alright. The lights, the water, the irrigation supplies, all the sprinkler system in the front and back of the yard and more. I guess we hire someone to do the inspection that way we don't need to worry if we moved out. If there are something wrong then we can fix and replace a new one right away.

I like our lawn sprinkler systems here, once in a while in the afternoon the kids can play in the backyard when the sprinkler is on; they just love to play in the water. So when the sprinkler is on, they will just run around and make themselves wet. Just have a little problem in the front yard though, because I notice that the sprinkler heads are sticking up even though the sprinker is already off, So I need to go outside and give a little push in it. 

But so far we are happy to live in this Valley, we meet a lot of friends in the congregation, we can do a lot of outdoors adventure on summer and fall like hiking, fishing and camping. We saw a lot of camping and hiking trails in San Luis Valley so we are really happy about it.

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