Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picnic time!

Picnic is fun for the family and everyone in the family can do it especially to those people who love outdoors. We did picnic today at the Stoney Creek Metropark and it was really nice. We let the kids play around at their play area, they have pretty nice playground for the kids and I really enjoy watching the kids playing. I also feel young like those little kids playing at the park. The weather is nice, we have 82 degrees. The water at the lake got perfect temperature and that is my first time swimming at their fresh water beach. Anyhow, I saw some guy wearing an mma shirts, that was pretty cool! When we get home, I look up online for mma shirts and I found the one that I am looking for. I bet those guys got this shirts online or maybe not. But you know what? We all got worn out for all the swimming and playing we did and I think I'm kind a need a nap right now.

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