Monday, July 9, 2012

Went to Detroit Zoo!

We went to the zoo today, it was really fun. The kids are all excited to see their favorite animals. My 3 year old daughter wanted to see Giraffe's, flamingos, lions and tigers and Dustin like the birds, penguins, sea otters and Rhinos. They have fabulous area for those big animals and the gorillas and chimpanzees are pretty cool! Anyhow, we rode a train first all the way to the back of the zoo and start from there to front. It's a long way walk but it was fun though to see all those different kinds of animals that I've never seen in the Philippines before. I only seen those animals on TV and its really amazing to see them personally. We finished around 3 o'clock and before we headed home of course we stop by to their zoo gift shop store. They have all kinds of animal toys, large plush animals to small one, animals jewelries, t-shirts and other souvenirs from the zoo. Me and Dana got a pink detroit zoo t-shirt, she also got a bush baby stuff toy and Dustin got a Safari big zoo transporter. Thanks to daddy for taking us to the zoo today!

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