Monday, August 27, 2012

Dustin's first day of school!

Today is Dustin's first day of school. He was very excited and happy about it. I wanted him to feel that way so that when he get to school he won't have hard time, he's not a shy type at all, he said he will be fine by himself so he told me to go and will pick him up in the afternoon after class. He is in first grade now, he's a grown up boy now and hope he will learn more in school that he will be one of the top students in their class. :-) I am so happy for him!

Friday, August 17, 2012

my new favorite outdoor adventure

I love doing outdoor stuff like camping and hiking and guess what? I have a new favorite one to do with my family on weekend and that is Fishing. I thought fishing is boring but it change after we see all the fish we caught. We caught not more than 20 fish on our first time fishing but we all let the fish go since we are not sure that we will catch that more that day. But the second time we went on fishing, we took it home and have it for dinner. It was fun though and will surely bring our Stanley thermos next time since we forget to bring it last time.

What I like about Stanley food and drink containers, they are build tough and you can bring it anywhere you go either at work or doing stuff outdoors. We can keep our food and drinks fresh and cold. When everyone gets hungry, we stop fishing for a while and have a snack. It was fun and I am sure many family out there are doing the same thing we do. So if the weather is nice, so get a chance to get out and spend time with your family, going fishing, camping and enjoy the scenery in the mountain and appreciate God’s creation.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Went Fishing!

We go back to Echo Canyon last Saturday to go fishing. The first spot we went to, there's not so much fish in there so we decided to pack up and go to the little Island in the middle of the lake. We saw some people fishing in there and they seems did pretty good, they caught some in there and we can't wait to catch some too. Look at Dustin at this photo, he caught a fish right away and me too! We caught a good size bluegill. That's our first catch and we catch some more on that day! We caught 18 bluegills and 3 bass! It was a nice day though and we're happy to take the fish home for dinner!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"When to see the Vet: Common cat health problems that need medical attention"

Cat health problems are often overlooked by their owners as normal cat behaviors, and some owners try to
improve cat health themselves. Some cat health problems can be treated and prevented at home, but some very common cat health problems should be looked at by a vet.

If your cat refuses food for more than 2 days, it is suggested that you take the cat to the vet. While many pet owners assume cats will eat when they are hungry – this is not always the case. Though it may seem like your cat is just a picky eater, cat anorexia can be a symptom of an underlying problem such as anemia, bacterial infection, diabetes, and heartworm to name a few.

We all expect our cats breath to be a little stinky, right? They eat a lot of fish based foods and treats, which are smelly, so it only makes sense! If your cat’s breath is still foul hours after eating, you will want to get her to the vet sooner than later. Bad breath in cats can be a sign of kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, and other medical problems.

Some common cat problems can turn serious if left untreated. Diarrhea for more than 12 hours, excessive sneezing, increased thirst, or excessive scratching should all be checked out by your vet.

If you notice any bleeding, burns, or difficulty breathing you should take the cat to the vet immediately. Cats cannot tell us what is wrong when they are hurt, and what may seem like a minor injury to us can be fatal to your cat. When in doubt, call your vet or an emergency vet in your area. Many vets are more than willing to answer questions over the phone, and will let you know for sure if your kitty needs to be brought to the vet!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swimming at the clubhouse, Michigan

One of the thing we always do when we go on vacation, its swimming! Kids love to swim and its a perfect day to swim and feel refresh at the pool. This was taken last month when we visit my mother in law in Michigan. It was such a nice vacation and its nice to see my husband's family.

swing sets for the kids

Would it be nice to have a swing set in the backyard that way the kids won’t think about going to the park on weekend. Having your own park in the backyard is a good idea, they can play whenever they like! They can invite their friends and play with them. Just like last Monday, we invited some kids in the house, since we still don’t have a swing set, they are just playing water balloon and golf. Myy husband and I really wanted to buy a custom swing sets, I am not sure how much that cost but we saw a nice custom swing sets richmond va online, they been designing and building backyard playground since 2005. I saw some of the photos and they look so nice. That 4’x 4’ wooden playset in Apex will be perfect in the backyard. So hopefully not before winter, we can buy a swing set for the kids.