Friday, August 17, 2012

my new favorite outdoor adventure

I love doing outdoor stuff like camping and hiking and guess what? I have a new favorite one to do with my family on weekend and that is Fishing. I thought fishing is boring but it change after we see all the fish we caught. We caught not more than 20 fish on our first time fishing but we all let the fish go since we are not sure that we will catch that more that day. But the second time we went on fishing, we took it home and have it for dinner. It was fun though and will surely bring our Stanley thermos next time since we forget to bring it last time.

What I like about Stanley food and drink containers, they are build tough and you can bring it anywhere you go either at work or doing stuff outdoors. We can keep our food and drinks fresh and cold. When everyone gets hungry, we stop fishing for a while and have a snack. It was fun and I am sure many family out there are doing the same thing we do. So if the weather is nice, so get a chance to get out and spend time with your family, going fishing, camping and enjoy the scenery in the mountain and appreciate God’s creation.

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