Thursday, August 2, 2012

swing sets for the kids

Would it be nice to have a swing set in the backyard that way the kids won’t think about going to the park on weekend. Having your own park in the backyard is a good idea, they can play whenever they like! They can invite their friends and play with them. Just like last Monday, we invited some kids in the house, since we still don’t have a swing set, they are just playing water balloon and golf. Myy husband and I really wanted to buy a custom swing sets, I am not sure how much that cost but we saw a nice custom swing sets richmond va online, they been designing and building backyard playground since 2005. I saw some of the photos and they look so nice. That 4’x 4’ wooden playset in Apex will be perfect in the backyard. So hopefully not before winter, we can buy a swing set for the kids.

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