Saturday, September 22, 2012

wall aquarium

I love having an aquarium in the house. Just watching the fish, helps me to feel relax. The kids loves it too! We had a small aquarium but my husband wanted to get a bigger tank and maybe buy a salt water fish because they are look nice than the fresh water fish. But for me it doesn’t matter, either he wanted a small or a bigger tank as long we have an extra budget. We still have a bigger space in the house and I guess the wall aquariums look nice too. I will consider to have a wall aquarium even though I am not sure what my husband will like but whatever he like, I won’t mind it at all.

Crazy hair day

Last week, September 17 - Dustin going to school with a crazy hair. It was a crazy hair day at school so when Dustin woke up, I didn't brush his hair and just let it go because he always have crazy hair like this when he woke up in the morning. Some kids put color and crazy ponytails in their hair. Then on Tuesday its a Pajama day at school!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

archipelago botanicals

 I love the scent of the flower candle inside the house. It's nice to smell those flowers and feel like you are in the meadows with full of pretty, beautiful colorful flowers. I usually carry candles and other scent in the house and whenever we have visitors and friends, they always notice the smell. I also like to give candles as a gift to a friend or maybe relatives. My mother in law love candles and I also have friends that collect different candles just like the archipelago botanicals smallflower at, they have the most popular candle for men and the most popular archipelago candle scent. Not only they carry candles but they also have body wash, lotion and cream. So if you are interested, visit their website and try one of their products and see if you like it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

vacation in Florida

I been wanted to go to Florida one day and spend a week or two vacation closer to Tampa Bay or in Florida Keys. My husband been talking about that place and he told me that he will take me there someday and he will show me some beautiful place in Florida. It would be nice if we can experience riding the limo service tampa too. I never tried to ride a limo and I am looking forward to ride it one day. Just like a friend of mine in Vegas when they have a ladies night party, they got a chance to ride the limo and she said it was really fun. I am looking forward to met my friend in Florida too, her family is a witness too so its nice if we can visit them while were in vacation. I am not sure when but will see in the future.

Not feeling well...

Since last night Dustin was not feeling well, he keep coming back to the bathroom and he had an accident in his pants at night and I need to clean it up the mess. Since we had a get together party tonight, I might need to cancel it and postponed it for tomorrow or maybe next week. Dana feel the same way too this morning when she woke up, she woke up crying and she said her tummy hurts. I felt bad when the kids are sick. I can't bare to watch them feeling unwell. Hope they will feel better soon, if it gets worst, i might need to take them in to the doctor and see what's going on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Got our family Portrait!

We just got our family Portrait last Monday and I am so happy with the outcome. All the pictures turn out really nice. I got 13 pictures for $150 so its pretty good deal. If I got all the 19 photos plus the CD, I will pay $250 and without CD its $200. So its pretty much and that time I don't want to pay that much for a photo. I would really love to get that huge canvas photo that looks like a painting but the price is kind a pretty high is about $600 and we don't have that kind of budget for that canvas print. So far were  happy for the photos we got and we will just buy a nice frame so that we can start hanging this photo in the wall.

Friday, September 7, 2012

cigars for less

I remember what my friend say before way back in the Philippines that once you try smoking, you will start longing for it more that‘s why I am kind a scared to give it a try. I‘ll just let some of my friends do their thing and I don‘t care if they like to smoke if that‘s what they want. Couple weeks ago, I talk to one of my friend who’s dad is a smoker and she ask me if I knew any website who offer cigars for less. I told her that I will look up to it online and see if I can find one so I decided to share him the website at, he might find the cigars that his father like.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My little artist

Look at her, she is very serious doing her watercolor painting. She did good on coloring and painting for the age of 3, and I'm so happy to see her enjoying it. More practice and she will be better in no time! :-)

Kids new bed!

My little girl pinky bed with the slide

Dustin's new bed with the slide!
We just got this two twin bed at Walmart. We ordered it online. The kids love it and they love the slide and the secret hide out a lot. They both sleeping now in their own bed. They slide many times before going to bed. That will help them to sleep good :-)