Thursday, October 25, 2012

play pretend

When I was young, me and my friends like to play detective spy game. We pretend to be a detective trying to find a clue, but the spy gadgets we use is just made of wood, plastic and anything that we can use as long its usable. We just do it for fun and if we get tired of it, we still have a lot of games ideas to play. It was fun in my childhood and I miss those moments. Talking about spy gadgets, if your looking for this type of products, look no further and visit, they have all spy gadgets you need for a very affordable price!

Kids wearing daddy shoes

This kids are getting silly here. They love to play daddy shoes and walk around the house wearing those big boots and sandals. I keep remind them to be careful because they might fall and hurt themselves since those shoes are way too big for them and they are heavy shoes especially daddy's work boots.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

florida house rentals

Wouldn’t be nice to go for a week or two vacation and get away in the City for a while? I am sure many of you think that way. Working a lot in a busy environment seems very stressful. Its nice to get away for a while and pamper your self with a very luxurious, enjoyable vacation. How about going to Florida? Well, Florida is one of the place I really wanted to visit. Since my husband always talking about Florida Keys and the white sand beaches out there. Makes me think about my hometown. It’s nice to live closer to the ocean. Hearing the ocean waves makes me feel at ease. It helps me to feel better whenever I am not in mood. Well, if you feel like you need a break then try the florida beach house rentals from, they have a lot to offer. You can choose the one that is more comfortable that meets your budget. Have fun!

Mismatch day at school

Dustin got a crazy look on his outfit on their mismatch day at school. The only thing we didn't match is his shoes. This photo taken last September and I only got a chance to post it today. How does it look? ;-) cool huh? hehe ":-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pajama day at school

This photo was taken last month of September. I just got a chance to post this online. Dustin always ask me why does he need to wear pajama to go to school and I said that all the kids going to his school will wearing pajama because it is pajama day at school and the day after tomorrow it was Mismatch day so he needs to wear a mismatch clothes. He wear his favorite pajama with the football and soccer ball print on it. He was so cute!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

window replacement

I remember when we're still in Grand Junction when someone brakes the window of our truck. That was terrible and we even don't know who did it. Our dog woke us up in the middle of the night, he keep barking but we just ignore him and when we woke up in the morning, we find out that the left window was already broken. I don't know how those people enter the yard, maybe they throw rocks and accidentally hit the window or maybe they do it in purpose. Good thing we never had that kind of experience here in the new place where we moved. Anyhow, talking about window, if you live somewhere in Virginia and have problem on your window and needed to replace it, you can rely at the window replacement virginia beach. If you have any questions about their service or want to know the price. You can visit their website or call this number (757)499-7165.

Dress up game

This photo was taken last couple weeks ago at our friends house. The kids was doing a dress up game. This is Leanna and my 6 year old son. They play pretend that they are Isralites. They look so cute! :-)