Monday, November 19, 2012

My sleeping beauty

My sleeping beauty is knock out! She is way too tired because she didn't took a nap this afternoon. She played so much with her friends. I'm glad that she just sleep on her own and not getting grouchy when she's tired. As long she had her milk bottle then she will be fine ;-)


When we moved out here in San Luis Valley, my son was kind a upset because he doesn’t want to leave his friends at school and his teacher but that time, my husband got a job transfer and we need to move not before January. So that’s what we did, we say goodbye to some of our friends and we will surely be okay moving here in a small town. When we settled everything, instead of enrolling my son on the nearest school here in the area, we decided to wait until September to enroll him. For the mean time, he continue his studies online. Home school is not that bad though, he can do his school whenever time he likes, as long he finish all the activities and assignments that needs to be done. He really enjoy it as well as my 3 year old daughter.

Since my 6 year son go back to school this year, we cancel his account and just keep the one for my little girl. She finished the kindergarten lesson and now she is proceeding to a first grader lesson. So if you planning to do home schooling for your kids, you might like to try the Bridgeway Free Learning Style Assessment, you can visit their website and see how their programs works.

Keep in shape

I am raising 2 wonderful kids and I love being a parent. When I am doing my zumba fitness workout, my kids always there for me, they dance and work out with me. We are having fun! We try to drag daddy to join us because my 3 year old daughter like it when her dad carry her while dancing. This is one of the best thing you can do as a family, this will help family to get more closer together. Well, I been doing my workout for 8 days now and I am looking forward for the results after 3 weeks. It's nice to keep in shape and healthy for myself, my husband and for my family.