Thursday, December 6, 2012


My 6 year old son was excuse today at school because he never had enough sleep last night due to his cough. His been coughing a lot last night and he had this cough for more than 2 week now. We get him an appointment next week Wednesday to see a specialist. We took him last Monday to the Doctor because his cough keeps coming back. We though it was whooping cough but the doctor said its not. So its a big relief to us that his cough is not that contageous. This cough is been around in this Valley and I am sure many of the kids and adults right now in different areas here in Colorado suffer this illness. Wish my son will get over this cough so that he won't miss school. He loves school a lot and he doesn't like to get sick and miss school  but what can we do? He needs to stay home and rest and wait until he gets better.

Yesterday, he went to school because he said he is fine but he still coughing in the morning. I went to their school around lunch time to check on him and the teacher said he is not complaining for anything. He seems fine but when he gets home and started coughing a lot again and last night, he had terrible night, he couldn't sleep right because of his cough. As a parent, we are worried about him and its hard for us to see him suffer this cough. Hope he will get better soon.

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