Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ear and nose specialist

We will take Dustin to an ear and nose specialist this afternoon to make sure everything is okay. Dustin still have this stuffy nose and it affects his ears. The last time we went to the Doctor, the Doctor said he has a little bit of an ear infection. He didn't give him an antibiotic instead he can use the nasal spray until his nose cleared up. Yesterday, I am kind a worried because when he woke up in the morning, his right side of his neck below his ears is swolen. So I was thinking maybe because he lays down on that side more that's why he got the cramps. When I was checking it, there's a little bump in it, he has swolen glands. So before lunch after I went grocery, I went to their school to check him out and see how his doing but he seems fine. He said, he feel okay and not feel the pain at all so I guess its not that bad. So today, the kids still sleeping and I will wake them up in about an hour and will get ready to go to the doctor for Dustin check up at 11:00am.

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