Wednesday, December 12, 2012

pool heaters

No one doesn’t like to swim in a cold swimming pool. Do you? I used to swim in a cold pool before when I was in the Philippines but when I came here in the US, I always use hot water for my shower. Hot spring is also popular in this Valley so usually me and my friends go their once or twice a year. It depends on the weather. When we go travel, we expect that the swimming pool at the hotel is warm because if its cold, we won’t go on swimming and the kids doesn’t like it anyway, its way too cold for them, good thing they also have a warm tub so in case you get cold in the pool then you can spend the rest of your time hanging out in a warm tub. Anyhow, I wonder if some of them use the raypak pool heaters from, they have great products when it comes to pool heaters.

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