Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Terri Necklace from Kitsylane


This is the Terri Necklace that I bought from my I got it couple days ago and it turn out really nice! I send it as a gift to my mother in law two days ago from Michigan and she will surely receive it this week together with my kids photo collage. Hope she will like it! I got a good deal at my online boutique so if you are looking for a jewelry to give as a gift to someone or for yourself, dont forget to stop by at my online boutique and get your perfect piece of jewelry set before New Year!

Watching Despicable Me 2 with friends!

It was such a nice evening last night. We had our friends over to have Pizza Dinner with us. The kids had fun playing while waiting for the dinner to be serve. We had great conversation with our friends and of course after dinner, we decided to play Sequence game. It was totally an awesome game for family and friends! Everyone had a great time and then after the game, we had the dessert (Vanilla Ice Cream). The kids was asking if we had the movie Despicable Me 2 since they never see it on theater. Good thing we had one! We actually bought it on VUDU. While eating dessert, we watch the movie and we really had great time. It was an awesome night with friends!

Monday, November 25, 2013

More snow!

Yay! we got tons of snow in our backyard! look at the snowman we made, it all covers with snow! I guess we got about 12 inches of snow in the backyard. It was a nice sight in the morning, but lot of snow to shovel! Our snowman turns out into a mountain :-)

mens new balance shoes

My husband works a lot and he deserve to have a comfortable shoes at work. He don’t shop himself so much because he spend his money for me and the kids. I told him to buy something for himself too and this is the time to get him the things he like especially now that black Friday is here. This is the biggest sale this month! He bought a work boots last time and now I wanted to get him a mens new balance shoes. His always wearing his old balance shoes and its already worn out. I saw the rip on the right side and he likes that old one because its comfortable but I told him, he needs to get a new pair. I showed it to him the one that I saw online and ask his opinion about it. His still thinking about it though but his still not sure if he will buy it online because he prefer to see the shoes first and try it on before he will buy it. I am like that before but usually when I saw the shoes that I like, I don’t care if its online or at the store. At least I know my size so I trusted the shoe company that they will give me the right shoe size. Anyhow, if you are looking for a comfortable balance shoes online, then is the right website for you to visit. You can check it out their shoe collection and see if you find the one that you are looking for.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dana's snowman and snowkitty

She name her snow Dana, same as her name. I help her build it and she's so happy about it. When daddy came home she was so excited to show it to him. She is so proud on her first snowman for this winter!

She also make a snowkitty. I thought that was a puppy but she insist it was a kitty. It was so cute! We add a dry leaf as an ears and add a scarf to it.


My husband show this engine pumps for me before but I couldn’t remember when that was. Its kind a interesting but when it comes to electrical, mechanical and even industrial stuff, I don’t have so much ideas about it, unless I am into that subject then its up to me if I need to study or do a research to give me information about this matter. When my husband ask me about the pumps again, I look up online and found this website at and now I know what pumps look like and what it is for. So, If your looking for an engine pumps online then you came to the right place. You can find it here! They have commercial and industrial pumps by type so I am sure you will find the one that you are looking for.

met our snowman!

Met my son's new buddy (he name him first FIREBALL but he change his mind because he think fireball doesn't fit on his snowman so he name him FRED instead)

I made this for my little girl, she name her snow Dana :-) Our first snowman for this winter! Love it!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My little cowgirl

Look at my little girl here, she look so adorable. We had a farewell party couple weeks ago to a friend of ours from Switzerland. She stay here in the Valley for 3 months. It was such a nice party, they wanted to make a theme for the party and decided to do a cowboy/cowgirl and Indian theme. So we need to dress up to go to the party. My little girl is pretending that she's riding a horse and she say Heeyaaah! ";-) that was cute!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

He loves Books!

Dustin learns how to read in his early age at 3-4 years old. He loves books and he won't go to bed without reading his favorite books. He is into legos too. He loves building new things and he is such a builder. He use his imagination to build different things using his old and new lego parts, it was pretty cool and of course as a parents, we are very proud of our little boy. He is in 2nd grader and so far we always get a lot of compliments from school especially in his reading skills. His reading skills go up to 3-4th grade level and thats pretty good in his age. Hopefully this year, he will be in a special class and maybe he will be joining in a 3rd grader reading class too.

Rapid Car Title Loans keeps customers coming back again and again.

The ability to use your auto title as a cash register has changed significantly over the last decade. I remember 20/20 doing exposes of unscrupulous shark like lending in both payday loans and the auto title loan arena. With shark like interest rates and terms along with the fact that you usually couldn’t even drive your car during the loan period, it wasn’t very safe to seek out this type of “financial assistance”.
Well, like I said times have definitely changed since those crazy times. And the industry is much more regulated and the cream has definitely risen to the top. Gone are the old companies that used intimidation tactics to get their money back form the borrower. Now all one needs to do is a simple online check for reviews of companies that they are considering getting a loan from. After a quick search one company seems to stand out. It’s called Rapid Auto Loan.
Rapid Car Title Loans provides customers with the ability to take cash out of their car regardless of their credit history. You can borrow money literally today based on the value of the car you already own. They provide customers with the ability to refinance a used car loan quickly with no hassles and great service regardless of what your credit history is. Rapid Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed in the State of Florida. And they have all of the licenses needed to legally be a lender. And since the bad old days of unscrupulous lenders having a keeping a license is not an easy thing to do if you run a dishonest business. Rapid Auto Loans keeps people coming back for a reason.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

my cutie pie :)


She wanted to go to his brother school with her hair like this. It was a crazy hair day at his big brother school but she doesn't like her hair to be messy instead she wanted to add color in her hair to make her pretty! Instead of crazy hair day she likes to be there with her pretty hair like the one in the photo and add flower to it. She is so adorable!

Kolter Homes has been making their mark for over a decade now.

I was in the mortgage industry during the boom, right here in South Florida. I am no longer in the mortgage industry and have since moved on. My company like so many hundreds of others went out of business once the easy credit dried up. It’s ok, I have completely and happily moved on but to be honest and economic downturn like the one that we all experienced has a very good job of weeding out the companies that should have probably never popped up to begin with. The weak companies folded or packed up shop and the financing companies or builders with good reputations and products make it through the storm.

One company that I vividly remember making a solid product is a company called Kolter Homes. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have probably heard of one or more of their communities down here in South Florida. They’re headquartered in Palm Beach County, and their parent company is the Kolter Group. Kolter Homes brings more than a decade of experience in homebuilding to each of its neighborhoods, so they’ve been through the good and the bad of economies.

The company is committed to building valued residences and in as they say "Creating Better Communities." Kolter Homes doesn’t just pop out house after house, they understand that people are trying to purchase a dream and a lifestyle. With that in mind, Kolter Homes' team strives to deliver the desirable finishes and amenities that make their communities stand out. Kolter Homes' Design Centers offer a menu of finishes which are among the most sought after in the industry - including Green Builder Options so that customers can take advantage of the newest energy efficient home options.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

crazy hair day!

This is my little boy on his crazy hair day at school. He always have a crazy hair every morning when he woke up in the morning. We just add a color in his hair, blue in the front and green on both sides. We couldn't find the red color. I don't want to buy a spray though it might be hard to taking it off but I prefer the color chalk, the one they advertise on tv, the hot huez and my kids love it. Kind a messy for the blue one though but it was fine.

Monday, August 26, 2013

EAW pro audio

Are you looking for a great EAW pro audio or a EAW PA speakers, monitors and stage subwoofers? Then you came to the right place! I found this EAW Pro Audio at musician's friend and they are fabulous! I also read some of their reviews and they all said the same thing! They love the product and it said it sounds great! So I am sure you will probably satisfied on their EAW pro audio. Its great to use especially when you are playing acoustic show or doing a live band show! Compare the prices and you’ll see!

First day of school!

Today is my little boy first day of school! He was so excited, he is in second grade now. He is growing fast! I can't believe he is in second grade now, well I'm glad he love going to school and he enjoy being with the other kids. This was taken at school playground after they had their lunch.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bowling with friends!

This photo taken at the bowling alley here in SLV and the kids really had fun! It was nice to play with friends. We only do it once and a while and its nice to play before the school starts. Just to keep the kids busy and keep them entertain instead of just watching tv in the house and play wii games. They need to get out with friends and do something interesting! :-) Will surely do it again next time!

reformat hard drive

I feel sad that we never get to used the old desktop computer and we just put it in a storage for now. We have two laptop that we are using right now but sometimes I feel like I need to let that go and sell it instead of just keeping in a storage. My husband said, the monitor works fine but the hard drive doesn’t. It needs to reformat hard drive and get a new CPU that way we can use them again. But for now, will just put it aside so that we can have room in the living room.

Play Bowling!

This is the first time that my kids will play bowling and Dana was so excited! She is 4 years old and so far she did pretty good! She throw the ball really slow but sometimes she got a spare! She was very happy so I try to bring them at the bowling alley to play, usually we go on Monday because they have a dollar per game and a dollar for the shoes on Monday. So its pretty affordable and we sometimes bring some of our friends to go play with us. So it was fun!

Friday, August 9, 2013

stainless steel refrigerator

When we moved to our new house, they already have the refrigerator installed. All the kitchen appliances are working right but it would be nice if they are all made of stainless steel. Stainless still kitchen appliances makes it look a lot better in the kitchen. It adds luxurious look to the kitchen and since I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and making breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family, I need a better appliances. We don’t have budget for this moment but that’s what our next plan is. Me and my husband would like to get the Samsung rf197acrs 17.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator. This one will be perfect in our big kitchen!

back to school is coming!

My 7 year old son will be in second grade this month. He is so excited to go back to school! We still didn't buy the school supplies yet but will do this week. He said he wanted to have a new bagpack, so we will end up to sell his old bagpack and buy a new one! My little girl is also excited but, she's still 4 years old and she did pretty good in her home school at She can wait a year or two more to be in school. She still need practice for her written skills. Ohh my kids grown so fast! Can't believe that my boy will be in second grade soon! :-)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I broke the sink!

It’s been 2 years since we moved here in the Valley and we really love living in here. We had great friends and my husband like his job in here too. How I wish we can go vacation next year! I really wanted to see my family especially my mom! Well, we had lot of things to do here in the house. I did a clean up couple weeks ago for the yard sale and so far we get rid of the stuff that we need to get rid of. We still have some couple old clothing that we need to sell and so far im still working with it. I won’t worry so much about it as long I keep it updated at the online yard sale so I am sure I still make sales out of it. I also working to sell some of my paintings and hope I can sell them all.

Anyhow, I broke the bathroom sink couple days ago and it has a crack in it. I told my husband about it and he said it will be okay if I put nail polish on the crack if it doesn’t work will buy a new sink. I shared him the website I found online at the they have great selections of vanities, sinks, faucets, tubs, bathroom, kitchen, lighting, hardware and more! So we might check it out and seee if we can find the one that we are looking for.



This photo taken last month of June in our convention at Pueblo. Every afternoon we bring the kids to the pool and they love it. Good thing i bring their floaties that time. That's the one they always looking forward too especially when we're on vacation or staying for couple nights at the Hotel. What a fun day! we stayed about 4 nights and 5 days there in Pueblo and all of us had great time!

guitar necks

A friend of mine was looking for a used guitar online and I told her to try to look at the online yard sale, they might have one because I saw some people selling their guitar for a very affordable price. Well, she wanted to buy for her brother as a present, she has a friend that offer her a free guitar but it needs a new guitar necks since it was broken and has a crack in it. So good thing I found a website where she can buy a guitar necks for a very affordable price. That way she don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money for a nice new guitar. She’s been thinking about it so will see and hope her brother will like her present. I am sure he will really appreciate it!

face paint

Monday was a nice day because i get a chance to play with the kids. We went on service in the morning and I invited some of the kids to come to my house and play for my kidos. We had some face paint at home so we decided to do a face paint. Dana, my 3 year old daughter her two girl friends wanted to paint a kitty cat in her face, Dustin my 7 year old son wanted to be a dog and one of my friend son wanted to be a tiger, and they play pretend after. One of the little girl is kind a sensitive on a face paint that's why she wanted to do a little paint on her porehead and she play as the pet owner. They had really fun! i also paint my face by myself, its just a simple one a blue flower :-) it was a fun day for the kids on that day and will absolutely do it again next time :-)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

louisville homes

Is Louisville is the place you want to live with your family? Are you still looking for a place to live there? Then why not visit the They have 1000s of Listings available and the louisville homes KY Real Estate will help you to find the perfect home for you and your family. I never been to Louisville before but I am sure there are tons of Filipino working up there. I saw the photos and it was a nice city. Wish we can visit Louisville someday and see the Museum and see popular and nice places in town.

went bowling!

Me and the kids went bowling last Monday and it was fun! I am supposed to met up with friends up there but then they change the plans. Instead of playing bowling with us, they went to Alamosa for some other matters. But anyhow, my kids are really wanted to play and they never been to bowling before. So i made up my mind and went at the bowling place here in the Valley and good thing becasue there's not so much people playing that time. My kids really love it and they really enjoy the game. Its been a long time also since I played bowling. That was the time when I was in my high school days. Well, its not really hard to learn bowling, all you have to do is throw and slide the bowl and see if you can get a spare, strike or split hehe :-) Will play again next Monday and hopefully daddy will go with us next time!


I’m not into tools so I am not really sure what are the names of all those screws and other stuff that my husband has in his tool box. He told me before about the standoffs but I still didn’t get it yet. I couldn’t find it in his tool box so I told him that he needs to find it himself. So he explain it to me again what those standoffs for and how they look like. Well, I better learn more about this tool because someday I might do something here in the house without my husband’s help.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Driving an ATV

This is my first time to drive an ATV, I thought it will be hard for me to learn but surprisingly I did it! I was able to help my husband pull the fence in our garden, we need to clear those unwanted weeds, garden box and those unwanted fence that they build before we moved in. We really dont need those. It just take a lot of space, I am not sure if we will do gardening this year but so far we planted trees, flowers and bushes infront and back to our house and it was so nice, the dogs love to sit down in the shade and they love to roll in the grass too. We did a lot yesterday, mowing the lawn and put the grass feed, watering the plants and so on and last night daddy take us to the movie theater to watch Despicable Me 2, it was a nice movie, its a must see movie for the family, i really enjoy it a lot. Thanks to our friends who invited us to watch movie and I'm glad the kids enjoyed it :-)

online print ordering software

Its nice to have our own printing business that way we don’t need to go to a printing store to print some of the important documents, brochures or even to print our business card. We still working with our dog elbow pads, we still didn’t find the right material to it but we tried to hire someone to do a print job for a business poster before but its kind a expensive so we end up buying a nice printer to do the job, but you know were not lucky to our home based business before because of my husband busy schedule, but we had a lot of plan though. Anyhow, while browsing online I found this compare online print ordering software at and this might be a good start. I like the fact that their service meets the demands of print businesses so we need to take advantage to this.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pool time!

My kids are always excited expecially when we stay at the Hotel. The thing they are looking forward too is the pool! This photo taken last month at Holiday Inn Express Grand Junction, we attend circuit assembly their for 2 days, we stay about 2 nights and 3 days and it was fun! We got a chance to met our old friends, brothers and sisters in the congregation and it was such a nice assembly! Every afternoon before dinner, we get a chance to play and swim in the pool. It was nice watching them, Dana was so happy in her floaties and you can see in her face the happiness and excitement and of course daddy is there to watch them both ;-)

Ice Cream time for a treats!

Look at this kids! they are so happy that they got an Ice Cream at Coldstone Grand Junction for a treats! Thanks to daddy for taking us at Coldstone! Ice cream are so delicious and the kids really love it and so do we :-)

cobian sandals

Our convention is fast approaching, it will be next week and I really need to wear a very comfortable shoes. I don’t want to end up wearing high heels and then having problem in the afternoon. Its not easy to wear high heels all day especially if you are not used to wear those heels. I can take the 3 to 4 inches but not the 5 inches heel. Well the gel insole heel support really helps a lot. That makes it more comfortable to walk without hurting my foot. My friend also recommend the cobian sandals because they are very comfortable and they are great to wear on summer! So if you are looking for sandals then you might like to try the cobian sandals at!

Had great time!

The kids having fun today playing with their friend Renee. I let them play in the backyard and play in the sprinkler and when they get cold, I give each one of them a plastic bowl and a big pan of hot water then they can use it to warm them up. They are so cute! watching them makes me happy. They really love it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

bike racks

Its nice to bring your bike whenever you go especially when you go on vacation or maybe just for a trip. Many people I know, they have thule bike racks in their car. It’s an easy way to hang your bikes. I guess most bikers use this thule bike racks that way they don’t need to worry about their bike taking space inside their car. Well good thing I found out this website at, they have all kinds of adventure travel gear, ski racks, kayak or canoe racks, cargo carriers and all kinds of auto accessories. This is a good website to visit especially when you are looking for this type of product. If you are planning to go for an adventure, don’t forget to bring your bike racks!

He got an award!

So proud of my little boy! he got 4 award! He got the responsibility award, the starburst award, a medal and a star trophy! He did really good at his studies and he is eager to learn more, he really love school and he is always happy to learn things at school. He is best in reading and also in his math subjects, he is also in the second grader reading class, the teacher said, you can't tell that he is a 1st grader because he really catching up with the 2nd grader and he always got 100% on all their quiz and activities. Proud of him, he is our little guy! ;-) love you dustin!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grown up so fast!

My kids are grown up so fast! I can't believe I have all these old clothes from them in the attic. We have about 4-5 boxes of old clothes! I take a look at them and start taking the one that is still look good and throw them back in the box the one that is not. I make a little extra money with it and I am so glad that I can help save money for our assembly next month. I saw some of the baby clothes for my little girl and it reminds me when she was a little baby. I miss those times when I try to dress her up those pretty dresses and she looks very adorable. Now she's growing fast and in no time, she will be in school for next two years! and my little boy will be in second grade also. Wish we can go back in my hometown next year, I miss my family and friends there. Well, we just need to save more money and try not to spend so much this year. ;-)

best buy auto equipment

My friend and I been talking about cars. She just got her license and she was so excited to drive her new car. That’s what I feel when I got my license too! Actually we just bought a new car last year, my husband bought me a Nissan Quest van and I really like it. I’m glad I don’t need to drive that big Ford truck. This van is just the right size for me and its easy to handle. Last couple weeks, we went to the auto shop to get a new tire and sold the old one. Since we been talking about cars, my friend mentioned to me the best buy auto equipment. She ask me if I tried their service before and I say no. Well, maybe we will give it a try and see if they have it available here in our area.

Spring Cleaning!

We already started to sell some of our old stuff that we don't need. With the help of my friend, I found a yard sale online here in the Valley and I can sell the things that I need to get rid of and that is all the old clothes and other stuff for my baby's! We did a Spring Cleaning last couple weeks since we don't get a chance to do a 2 day yard sale, I did it anyway the yard sale online and it helps! I make a little extra money and save some for our assembly next month. I also do painting and some of them are sold. I'm glad they all like it. We still have couple of stuff that we need to sell and hopefully we can sold that before the end of May! ;-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

kids with Stanley

This was taken outside the backyard and Dustin is sharing his flat Stanley to her little sister Dana and they are both have a good time together. I'm glad they get along well! Spring Break is already done and Spring is fast approaching! Here in the Valley is always windy, the wind are blasting last couple of days and that causes people to have allergy and got sick. My son already started sneezing and coughing and hopefully it won't get worst this week.

Dustin and his flat Stanley

This is one of Dustin's homework at school to bring Stanley with him anywhere he go for Spring Break. He needs to make a journal together with Stanley so I took a picture of them both when they are playing, ride a bike, go shopping and go for a ride and it was fun! He likes to bring Stanley with him and its nice that he share flat Stanley to her little sister.

paintings for sale!

These are all the paintings that I am selling on my eBay, you can search fs_2007 and it also available at the SLV yard sale online on facebook. If you are located in San Luis Valley then feel free to look at my paintings and see if you find the one you like. They are affordable and original painted by me! ;-)

Yard sale online...

Oh well, this month we are supposed to have a yard sale but it end up not doing it because my husband is working full time this week and also on weekend. So we might do the yard sale next month. But while waiting for that, I already start selling our old stuff online. I join the group at SLV yard sale online and start selling my stuff and I already sold some of it. There are some couple people will come and take a look at the old clothes and also the old tires we have. We have 2 sets of old tires and we are asking for $100 for set. We still need to get the rest of the old stuff we have in our attic and do a Spring Cleaning! Thanks to my friend for referring me the SLV yard sale online and thanks to all those people who purchase some of my paintings!


When we move out to this new house here in the Valley, the wall seems very plain and white. We like plain wall though but its nice to make a little change in the house. We already bought a new dining set and also a new living room furniture and it looks much better now than before. The old furniture we have, we moved it to the kids playroom that way they can use and bounce around in the couch if they like too.

This year, we didn’t do so much changes in the house except the furniture. I talk to my husband if we can paint the kids room or make a little change in the wall. We have a side wall in the living room that really needs attention right now. The color seems different than in the kitchen, it’s a little bit darker. It needs to be painted or put something to cover it, maybe we can try the Embossed Wallcoverings. This is a good idea to cover it up the old paint and I am sure it will look much better with the wall coverings in it. I found the embossed wall coverings online and they have pretty good textured wallcoverings and handcrafted wallcoverings. I like the Egan and Farrell design, that would be perfect in the sidewall. Will see what my husband will think about it.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Had lunch with daddy!

It was so nice to have lunch together as a family. My husband is working and me and the kids just staying at home. Actually I was planning to go out on service this morning but the plan change. So I make some lunch to bring at my husband work station and we got a chance to eat together. It was so nice, the kids love it. We only do this once in a while and its nice for the kids to see where their dad working. After that, me and the kids went to town for shopping. I bought them some toys they like and I also bought some for me. :-)

fast letterhead printing

I used to make a letterhead for my customer before when I was working at the Internet Café and Business Center. I was a typist and most of my customers are people who work in the business area and some students in a big University. Being a typist and a data encoder is kind a fun but sometimes when its busy and have a lot of documents to type, it was also a little bit stressful. I really love my job and I got to chance to meet a lot of people in that area. Anyhow, talking about fast letterhead printing, is the one I will absolutely recommend. The three elements to create great letterhead was very helpful. So if you want to get design tips and wanted to know about letterhead ideas, visit their website at!

My little pie

My little pie is a grown up now! She loves to ride on daddy shoulder! She usually ride on my back but I told her not too but she never give up, she went to daddy instead hehe :-)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Me and my little boy!

This photo taken after the memorial. Dustin got a chance to change really quick and my little pie was sleeping so before I change my clothes, i need to take a quick photo of me and Dustin and will take a picture of my little girl when she wokes up. Love my little boy! :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

flexible metal hose

Oh well, our dog chewed our hose last fall and we need to get one this spring time. Its time for us to work in our garden and plants more vegetables and flowers. I am sure my little girl would love to water the plant every afternoon. I can’t wait this Spring time! We have a lot of things to do this Spring, first we will have our garage sale for spring cleaning, then work in our garden, invite friends to have barbecue dinner and more! Well, talking about hose, if you are looking for a flexible metal hose then is the right website for you to visit. They are one of the largest corrugated metal hose fabricators west of the Mississippi. So if you want to buy one or need a hose on your business, visit!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

his on top of the line!

This is my 7 years old son DRA (Development Reading Assessment) level results for the month of February. As you can see he is on the top of the line! I am so proud of him! He really progressing in his reading and so far we are happy with the results. His average percentile on his Mathematics is 86 for the W13 and the average percentile range is 89 so he's pretty much close, the same as his reading, he got 93 and the average percentile range for first grader is 95, so that was pretty close too. His really advance in his learning because we train him at his early age. His teacher said that his reading level is in 3rd-4rd grade level already. He join a 2nd grader reading class at school and the teacher said that he really fits in. His writing and reading was awesome, he can answer some difficult questions and he is very responsible in his homework. So I am very proud of my little boy same as my little girl as well. They are really improving and progressing. Hope this will continue and as a parent, we try our best to give them a lot of love and attention because they really need it. We love our kids! :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my little girl learning progress...

My 3 year old daughter really enjoying her learning school at She’s already in Level 2 and she always happy and excited everything she got a price after she finish all her lessons. She’s a fast learner and she can figure it our herself even without my help. She likes all the learning games and usually she spend about an hour or more than an hour on her learning school everyday and as a parent, I am happy to see her learning progress. This afternoon will be the teacher and parent conference at my son’s school today. I am very excited to know the progress of my 7 year old son at school. I am sure he is doing well, he is a smart little guy, he loves school, he loves to read and I am sure he is enjoying everything at school. He got a good grade for his 1st and 2nd card report and we are happy about it. We are so proud of him and will see what happen this afternoon at the conference.

The changes...

Its been 3 weeks since we stop eating GMO products such as: anything that has corn, wheat and soy. The inflammation of my husband’s back is getting better and also his sinuses. I am not sure if that’s a coincidence or it just happens but we think that the food we eat is the cause of his inflammation in his body. Even my 7 year old son has a sinus problem and has a reaction when he eat wheat, my daughter too has an eczema problem and peanut allergy. So changing our diet really helps a lot. Its been 3 weeks too that we didn’t consume any soda’s, junk foods and regular dairy products. We try to stick to organic from now and it will be a challenge for our family but we try our best to eat healthy foods. To all people out there, be aware and careful of what you are putting in your body or do your own research too about GMO foods and how this food can harm our body.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

whiteboard mount

In my college days, my teacher usually used a regular green board to write our lessons but now, they are using this whiteboard and a washable markers too. That’s a good idea though, instead of using this messy white chalks, washable markers are easy to use and most teachers and professors are using this product. Even businesses have whiteboards at their offices, they use whenever they have a conference meeting, its easy to use and its very convenient. If the whiteboard needs a little adjustment, they can use the whiteboard mount to make it more higher, it depends on how tall the person who are using it. If you are looking for a whiteboard mount, they have it available for you online, all you have to do is visit their website at!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A new change!

Since were into Organic foods now, it makes a lot of changes now to our diet. We try our best not to eat so much junk food and try to have a healthy meal and snack everyday. Even choosing the right meat, we look for a grass feed meat and we bought about 35lbs of beef and chicken online. We went to Pagosa Spring to pick up the meat and were so happy about it. It will take about two weeks to use all the meat. We also went to Salida to shop healthy organic goodies, we did spend a little bit more than we always spend for grocery but I guess its worth it.

mother necklaces

I really miss my mom so much. Its been 6 years since the last time I saw her and my family in the Philippines. I cant wait to see them next year hopefully. We still saving money for our vacation and when we get back there, I will surely have fun spending time with them. Anyhow, I been thinking of getting my mom a mother necklaces. Well, she’s not into jewelry though but I am sure she would be happy to have a very special necklace from me. How about you? Have you ever think about giving your mom this mother necklaces from this coming Valentines? Then you better get her one and make her feel special!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

we're into organic foods now!

We started buying all organic foods now since we saw that video about GMO foods. We always want to give our kids healthy foods and not this genetically foods that they are talking about. It will be a lot of adjustment for me, my kids and my husband but as a parent, we will try our best. We just need not to eat those food that has GMO, we went to the healthy food store last week and we find some organic and non GMO foods there. Its little bit expensive but its better for us to pay a little bit more for a healthy food than keep consuming those GMO foods that won’t be better in our health. Better to be careful of what we eat than to feel regret at the end, right?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

bad winter

We really had a bad winter this year. My kids and my husband been sick for couple days now. Sometimes they get better but the illness still keep coming back. We took my son to the doctor couple weeks ago because of his sinus and now they been struggling for fever, throwing up and diarrhea. I heard that this illness is all over the Valley and there are a lot of people got sick this winter. I’m just thankful that they didn’t pass their illness to me, I just hope that I wont get those illness. That throwing up, fever and diarrhea are awful. Its not fun at all, I don’t want to see them sick so hope that this illness will go away that way my son get go back to school and my husband can go back to work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My two boys are sick

Its not nice to see your kids get sick but this time, my two boys are both sick. My 7 year old son and my husband. I'm glad my 3 year old daughter is fine. We took my son to the doctor yesterday and found out that he has a sinus and a little bit of ear infection. The doctor gave him an antibiotic for him to take for about 10days. So we keep him in the house yesterday and today. I called the teacher this morning for him to be excuse at their class because of his condition. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. If he don't have any reaction for his antibiotic tomorrow, we might send him to school. Well, it depends on how he fell. My husband also been coughing all night and he feels really tired and sleepy so hopefully he will also feel better tomorrow so that he can go back to work. Today, we just had our relaxing family day, we play sorry game card and just watching videos on youtube. I also done with my an hour workout and now I am thinking what to cook for dinner, we might have a simple dinner tonight. Hmmmm how about a soup? That will be a good one especially when there's someone sick in the house.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

learning school - abcmouse

Yesterday, I decided to cancel Dana’s learning school online at time4learning because she lost interest in it. She don’t want to spend time with it at all so that’s what I did yesterday, cancel it and apply a new learning school online that she likes the most and that is the When I told her that she need to start again her learning school online and showed her the website, you can see the look in her eyes, she is very excited, she is eager to learn and she wanted to explore more in the website.
Starting yesterday, she finished until lesson 4 and today she finish until lesson 8 of level 1. That was pretty good in her age and she learns so fast, she figures it out right away and guess what? She likes to taking care of her little hamster name snowy and all the fishes in her aquarium. That’s kind a interesting that they include aquarium and hamster on that website and also the prizes and tickets they get whenever they finished every lessons. So far we’re happy with the new learning school for my 3 year old daughter and as long she’s happy, we will stick with it then.

household projects

Have you ever used spring clamps before? I am sure you do! Well, we have spring clamps in my husband tool box and I saw him using it when we do a house project in our old house in Grand Junction. Before we moved here in the Valley, I remember that I help him fix the kitchen wall and make additional room in the kitchen backroom. That was 2 years ago though. But whenever we had a household project going on, my husband have all the tools we need. His ready for everything, he shop in advance or look online to find the one he need. That’s why we don’t need to hire professional people if we know that we can do it by ourselves. If its hard to do it of course we look for a professional help.

Bye bye diaper...

I can tell that my 3 year old daughter is ready for a big girl underwear now. She don’t want to wear diaper anymore so it means, she needs to say bye bye to her training pants and say hello to a big girl underwear. So far she did pretty good this past couple weeks and even when she go to sleep at night, she is wearing her big girl underwear and she never had any accidents at night at all. She did pretty good! She can hold her pee until morning when she wakes up. I didn’t force her to do it though but it takes a while before she figures it out. So potty train is done and I am so happy that she did it. She is such a big girl now. She grow so fast and next month on February 26th, she will be turning 4. What a girl ;-)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

custom swing sets

Winter here in San Luis Valley is way colder than in Grand Junction. This past couple days, the temperature drops down to 0 degrees and it even reach to -20 in the morning and at night. Hopefully It wont be like this for the whole winter. Well, I can’t wait for Spring and Summer. Why? Because we had a lot of things to do in the backyard. Work in our garden, buy the kids a swing set, that way the kids can have their own playground in the backyard, invite more kids to play with my little ones and more to mention. Talking about swing sets, I found a custom swing sets richmond va online and they look really nice. I am sure the kids will really enjoy if we get them this kind of swing sets this Spring time.

butterfly facepaint

Made this cute pink butterfly face paint to Dana couple days ago. She look herself at the mirror right away after I painter her face and she really love it! She also showed it to some of her friends in the afternoon when we had our get together party. It was nice :-)