Tuesday, January 8, 2013

learning school - abcmouse

Yesterday, I decided to cancel Dana’s learning school online at time4learning because she lost interest in it. She don’t want to spend time with it at all so that’s what I did yesterday, cancel it and apply a new learning school online that she likes the most and that is the When I told her that she need to start again her learning school online and showed her the website, you can see the look in her eyes, she is very excited, she is eager to learn and she wanted to explore more in the website.
Starting yesterday, she finished until lesson 4 and today she finish until lesson 8 of level 1. That was pretty good in her age and she learns so fast, she figures it out right away and guess what? She likes to taking care of her little hamster name snowy and all the fishes in her aquarium. That’s kind a interesting that they include aquarium and hamster on that website and also the prizes and tickets they get whenever they finished every lessons. So far we’re happy with the new learning school for my 3 year old daughter and as long she’s happy, we will stick with it then.

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