Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My two boys are sick

Its not nice to see your kids get sick but this time, my two boys are both sick. My 7 year old son and my husband. I'm glad my 3 year old daughter is fine. We took my son to the doctor yesterday and found out that he has a sinus and a little bit of ear infection. The doctor gave him an antibiotic for him to take for about 10days. So we keep him in the house yesterday and today. I called the teacher this morning for him to be excuse at their class because of his condition. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. If he don't have any reaction for his antibiotic tomorrow, we might send him to school. Well, it depends on how he fell. My husband also been coughing all night and he feels really tired and sleepy so hopefully he will also feel better tomorrow so that he can go back to work. Today, we just had our relaxing family day, we play sorry game card and just watching videos on youtube. I also done with my an hour workout and now I am thinking what to cook for dinner, we might have a simple dinner tonight. Hmmmm how about a soup? That will be a good one especially when there's someone sick in the house.

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