Wednesday, February 27, 2013

his on top of the line!

This is my 7 years old son DRA (Development Reading Assessment) level results for the month of February. As you can see he is on the top of the line! I am so proud of him! He really progressing in his reading and so far we are happy with the results. His average percentile on his Mathematics is 86 for the W13 and the average percentile range is 89 so he's pretty much close, the same as his reading, he got 93 and the average percentile range for first grader is 95, so that was pretty close too. His really advance in his learning because we train him at his early age. His teacher said that his reading level is in 3rd-4rd grade level already. He join a 2nd grader reading class at school and the teacher said that he really fits in. His writing and reading was awesome, he can answer some difficult questions and he is very responsible in his homework. So I am very proud of my little boy same as my little girl as well. They are really improving and progressing. Hope this will continue and as a parent, we try our best to give them a lot of love and attention because they really need it. We love our kids! :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my little girl learning progress...

My 3 year old daughter really enjoying her learning school at She’s already in Level 2 and she always happy and excited everything she got a price after she finish all her lessons. She’s a fast learner and she can figure it our herself even without my help. She likes all the learning games and usually she spend about an hour or more than an hour on her learning school everyday and as a parent, I am happy to see her learning progress. This afternoon will be the teacher and parent conference at my son’s school today. I am very excited to know the progress of my 7 year old son at school. I am sure he is doing well, he is a smart little guy, he loves school, he loves to read and I am sure he is enjoying everything at school. He got a good grade for his 1st and 2nd card report and we are happy about it. We are so proud of him and will see what happen this afternoon at the conference.

The changes...

Its been 3 weeks since we stop eating GMO products such as: anything that has corn, wheat and soy. The inflammation of my husband’s back is getting better and also his sinuses. I am not sure if that’s a coincidence or it just happens but we think that the food we eat is the cause of his inflammation in his body. Even my 7 year old son has a sinus problem and has a reaction when he eat wheat, my daughter too has an eczema problem and peanut allergy. So changing our diet really helps a lot. Its been 3 weeks too that we didn’t consume any soda’s, junk foods and regular dairy products. We try to stick to organic from now and it will be a challenge for our family but we try our best to eat healthy foods. To all people out there, be aware and careful of what you are putting in your body or do your own research too about GMO foods and how this food can harm our body.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

whiteboard mount

In my college days, my teacher usually used a regular green board to write our lessons but now, they are using this whiteboard and a washable markers too. That’s a good idea though, instead of using this messy white chalks, washable markers are easy to use and most teachers and professors are using this product. Even businesses have whiteboards at their offices, they use whenever they have a conference meeting, its easy to use and its very convenient. If the whiteboard needs a little adjustment, they can use the whiteboard mount to make it more higher, it depends on how tall the person who are using it. If you are looking for a whiteboard mount, they have it available for you online, all you have to do is visit their website at!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A new change!

Since were into Organic foods now, it makes a lot of changes now to our diet. We try our best not to eat so much junk food and try to have a healthy meal and snack everyday. Even choosing the right meat, we look for a grass feed meat and we bought about 35lbs of beef and chicken online. We went to Pagosa Spring to pick up the meat and were so happy about it. It will take about two weeks to use all the meat. We also went to Salida to shop healthy organic goodies, we did spend a little bit more than we always spend for grocery but I guess its worth it.

mother necklaces

I really miss my mom so much. Its been 6 years since the last time I saw her and my family in the Philippines. I cant wait to see them next year hopefully. We still saving money for our vacation and when we get back there, I will surely have fun spending time with them. Anyhow, I been thinking of getting my mom a mother necklaces. Well, she’s not into jewelry though but I am sure she would be happy to have a very special necklace from me. How about you? Have you ever think about giving your mom this mother necklaces from this coming Valentines? Then you better get her one and make her feel special!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

we're into organic foods now!

We started buying all organic foods now since we saw that video about GMO foods. We always want to give our kids healthy foods and not this genetically foods that they are talking about. It will be a lot of adjustment for me, my kids and my husband but as a parent, we will try our best. We just need not to eat those food that has GMO, we went to the healthy food store last week and we find some organic and non GMO foods there. Its little bit expensive but its better for us to pay a little bit more for a healthy food than keep consuming those GMO foods that won’t be better in our health. Better to be careful of what we eat than to feel regret at the end, right?