Wednesday, February 27, 2013

his on top of the line!

This is my 7 years old son DRA (Development Reading Assessment) level results for the month of February. As you can see he is on the top of the line! I am so proud of him! He really progressing in his reading and so far we are happy with the results. His average percentile on his Mathematics is 86 for the W13 and the average percentile range is 89 so he's pretty much close, the same as his reading, he got 93 and the average percentile range for first grader is 95, so that was pretty close too. His really advance in his learning because we train him at his early age. His teacher said that his reading level is in 3rd-4rd grade level already. He join a 2nd grader reading class at school and the teacher said that he really fits in. His writing and reading was awesome, he can answer some difficult questions and he is very responsible in his homework. So I am very proud of my little boy same as my little girl as well. They are really improving and progressing. Hope this will continue and as a parent, we try our best to give them a lot of love and attention because they really need it. We love our kids! :-)

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