Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my little girl learning progress...

My 3 year old daughter really enjoying her learning school at She’s already in Level 2 and she always happy and excited everything she got a price after she finish all her lessons. She’s a fast learner and she can figure it our herself even without my help. She likes all the learning games and usually she spend about an hour or more than an hour on her learning school everyday and as a parent, I am happy to see her learning progress. This afternoon will be the teacher and parent conference at my son’s school today. I am very excited to know the progress of my 7 year old son at school. I am sure he is doing well, he is a smart little guy, he loves school, he loves to read and I am sure he is enjoying everything at school. He got a good grade for his 1st and 2nd card report and we are happy about it. We are so proud of him and will see what happen this afternoon at the conference.

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