Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The changes...

Its been 3 weeks since we stop eating GMO products such as: anything that has corn, wheat and soy. The inflammation of my husband’s back is getting better and also his sinuses. I am not sure if that’s a coincidence or it just happens but we think that the food we eat is the cause of his inflammation in his body. Even my 7 year old son has a sinus problem and has a reaction when he eat wheat, my daughter too has an eczema problem and peanut allergy. So changing our diet really helps a lot. Its been 3 weeks too that we didn’t consume any soda’s, junk foods and regular dairy products. We try to stick to organic from now and it will be a challenge for our family but we try our best to eat healthy foods. To all people out there, be aware and careful of what you are putting in your body or do your own research too about GMO foods and how this food can harm our body.

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