Friday, March 29, 2013

Had lunch with daddy!

It was so nice to have lunch together as a family. My husband is working and me and the kids just staying at home. Actually I was planning to go out on service this morning but the plan change. So I make some lunch to bring at my husband work station and we got a chance to eat together. It was so nice, the kids love it. We only do this once in a while and its nice for the kids to see where their dad working. After that, me and the kids went to town for shopping. I bought them some toys they like and I also bought some for me. :-)

fast letterhead printing

I used to make a letterhead for my customer before when I was working at the Internet Café and Business Center. I was a typist and most of my customers are people who work in the business area and some students in a big University. Being a typist and a data encoder is kind a fun but sometimes when its busy and have a lot of documents to type, it was also a little bit stressful. I really love my job and I got to chance to meet a lot of people in that area. Anyhow, talking about fast letterhead printing, is the one I will absolutely recommend. The three elements to create great letterhead was very helpful. So if you want to get design tips and wanted to know about letterhead ideas, visit their website at!

My little pie

My little pie is a grown up now! She loves to ride on daddy shoulder! She usually ride on my back but I told her not too but she never give up, she went to daddy instead hehe :-)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Me and my little boy!

This photo taken after the memorial. Dustin got a chance to change really quick and my little pie was sleeping so before I change my clothes, i need to take a quick photo of me and Dustin and will take a picture of my little girl when she wokes up. Love my little boy! :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

flexible metal hose

Oh well, our dog chewed our hose last fall and we need to get one this spring time. Its time for us to work in our garden and plants more vegetables and flowers. I am sure my little girl would love to water the plant every afternoon. I can’t wait this Spring time! We have a lot of things to do this Spring, first we will have our garage sale for spring cleaning, then work in our garden, invite friends to have barbecue dinner and more! Well, talking about hose, if you are looking for a flexible metal hose then is the right website for you to visit. They are one of the largest corrugated metal hose fabricators west of the Mississippi. So if you want to buy one or need a hose on your business, visit!