Saturday, April 20, 2013

kids with Stanley

This was taken outside the backyard and Dustin is sharing his flat Stanley to her little sister Dana and they are both have a good time together. I'm glad they get along well! Spring Break is already done and Spring is fast approaching! Here in the Valley is always windy, the wind are blasting last couple of days and that causes people to have allergy and got sick. My son already started sneezing and coughing and hopefully it won't get worst this week.

Dustin and his flat Stanley

This is one of Dustin's homework at school to bring Stanley with him anywhere he go for Spring Break. He needs to make a journal together with Stanley so I took a picture of them both when they are playing, ride a bike, go shopping and go for a ride and it was fun! He likes to bring Stanley with him and its nice that he share flat Stanley to her little sister.

paintings for sale!

These are all the paintings that I am selling on my eBay, you can search fs_2007 and it also available at the SLV yard sale online on facebook. If you are located in San Luis Valley then feel free to look at my paintings and see if you find the one you like. They are affordable and original painted by me! ;-)

Yard sale online...

Oh well, this month we are supposed to have a yard sale but it end up not doing it because my husband is working full time this week and also on weekend. So we might do the yard sale next month. But while waiting for that, I already start selling our old stuff online. I join the group at SLV yard sale online and start selling my stuff and I already sold some of it. There are some couple people will come and take a look at the old clothes and also the old tires we have. We have 2 sets of old tires and we are asking for $100 for set. We still need to get the rest of the old stuff we have in our attic and do a Spring Cleaning! Thanks to my friend for referring me the SLV yard sale online and thanks to all those people who purchase some of my paintings!


When we move out to this new house here in the Valley, the wall seems very plain and white. We like plain wall though but its nice to make a little change in the house. We already bought a new dining set and also a new living room furniture and it looks much better now than before. The old furniture we have, we moved it to the kids playroom that way they can use and bounce around in the couch if they like too.

This year, we didn’t do so much changes in the house except the furniture. I talk to my husband if we can paint the kids room or make a little change in the wall. We have a side wall in the living room that really needs attention right now. The color seems different than in the kitchen, it’s a little bit darker. It needs to be painted or put something to cover it, maybe we can try the Embossed Wallcoverings. This is a good idea to cover it up the old paint and I am sure it will look much better with the wall coverings in it. I found the embossed wall coverings online and they have pretty good textured wallcoverings and handcrafted wallcoverings. I like the Egan and Farrell design, that would be perfect in the sidewall. Will see what my husband will think about it.