Saturday, April 20, 2013


When we move out to this new house here in the Valley, the wall seems very plain and white. We like plain wall though but its nice to make a little change in the house. We already bought a new dining set and also a new living room furniture and it looks much better now than before. The old furniture we have, we moved it to the kids playroom that way they can use and bounce around in the couch if they like too.

This year, we didn’t do so much changes in the house except the furniture. I talk to my husband if we can paint the kids room or make a little change in the wall. We have a side wall in the living room that really needs attention right now. The color seems different than in the kitchen, it’s a little bit darker. It needs to be painted or put something to cover it, maybe we can try the Embossed Wallcoverings. This is a good idea to cover it up the old paint and I am sure it will look much better with the wall coverings in it. I found the embossed wall coverings online and they have pretty good textured wallcoverings and handcrafted wallcoverings. I like the Egan and Farrell design, that would be perfect in the sidewall. Will see what my husband will think about it.

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