Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grown up so fast!

My kids are grown up so fast! I can't believe I have all these old clothes from them in the attic. We have about 4-5 boxes of old clothes! I take a look at them and start taking the one that is still look good and throw them back in the box the one that is not. I make a little extra money with it and I am so glad that I can help save money for our assembly next month. I saw some of the baby clothes for my little girl and it reminds me when she was a little baby. I miss those times when I try to dress her up those pretty dresses and she looks very adorable. Now she's growing fast and in no time, she will be in school for next two years! and my little boy will be in second grade also. Wish we can go back in my hometown next year, I miss my family and friends there. Well, we just need to save more money and try not to spend so much this year. ;-)

best buy auto equipment

My friend and I been talking about cars. She just got her license and she was so excited to drive her new car. That’s what I feel when I got my license too! Actually we just bought a new car last year, my husband bought me a Nissan Quest van and I really like it. I’m glad I don’t need to drive that big Ford truck. This van is just the right size for me and its easy to handle. Last couple weeks, we went to the auto shop to get a new tire and sold the old one. Since we been talking about cars, my friend mentioned to me the best buy auto equipment. She ask me if I tried their service before and I say no. Well, maybe we will give it a try and see if they have it available here in our area.

Spring Cleaning!

We already started to sell some of our old stuff that we don't need. With the help of my friend, I found a yard sale online here in the Valley and I can sell the things that I need to get rid of and that is all the old clothes and other stuff for my baby's! We did a Spring Cleaning last couple weeks since we don't get a chance to do a 2 day yard sale, I did it anyway the yard sale online and it helps! I make a little extra money and save some for our assembly next month. I also do painting and some of them are sold. I'm glad they all like it. We still have couple of stuff that we need to sell and hopefully we can sold that before the end of May! ;-)