Friday, June 21, 2013

Pool time!

My kids are always excited expecially when we stay at the Hotel. The thing they are looking forward too is the pool! This photo taken last month at Holiday Inn Express Grand Junction, we attend circuit assembly their for 2 days, we stay about 2 nights and 3 days and it was fun! We got a chance to met our old friends, brothers and sisters in the congregation and it was such a nice assembly! Every afternoon before dinner, we get a chance to play and swim in the pool. It was nice watching them, Dana was so happy in her floaties and you can see in her face the happiness and excitement and of course daddy is there to watch them both ;-)

Ice Cream time for a treats!

Look at this kids! they are so happy that they got an Ice Cream at Coldstone Grand Junction for a treats! Thanks to daddy for taking us at Coldstone! Ice cream are so delicious and the kids really love it and so do we :-)

cobian sandals

Our convention is fast approaching, it will be next week and I really need to wear a very comfortable shoes. I don’t want to end up wearing high heels and then having problem in the afternoon. Its not easy to wear high heels all day especially if you are not used to wear those heels. I can take the 3 to 4 inches but not the 5 inches heel. Well the gel insole heel support really helps a lot. That makes it more comfortable to walk without hurting my foot. My friend also recommend the cobian sandals because they are very comfortable and they are great to wear on summer! So if you are looking for sandals then you might like to try the cobian sandals at!

Had great time!

The kids having fun today playing with their friend Renee. I let them play in the backyard and play in the sprinkler and when they get cold, I give each one of them a plastic bowl and a big pan of hot water then they can use it to warm them up. They are so cute! watching them makes me happy. They really love it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

bike racks

Its nice to bring your bike whenever you go especially when you go on vacation or maybe just for a trip. Many people I know, they have thule bike racks in their car. It’s an easy way to hang your bikes. I guess most bikers use this thule bike racks that way they don’t need to worry about their bike taking space inside their car. Well good thing I found out this website at, they have all kinds of adventure travel gear, ski racks, kayak or canoe racks, cargo carriers and all kinds of auto accessories. This is a good website to visit especially when you are looking for this type of product. If you are planning to go for an adventure, don’t forget to bring your bike racks!

He got an award!

So proud of my little boy! he got 4 award! He got the responsibility award, the starburst award, a medal and a star trophy! He did really good at his studies and he is eager to learn more, he really love school and he is always happy to learn things at school. He is best in reading and also in his math subjects, he is also in the second grader reading class, the teacher said, you can't tell that he is a 1st grader because he really catching up with the 2nd grader and he always got 100% on all their quiz and activities. Proud of him, he is our little guy! ;-) love you dustin!