Thursday, July 25, 2013

I broke the sink!

It’s been 2 years since we moved here in the Valley and we really love living in here. We had great friends and my husband like his job in here too. How I wish we can go vacation next year! I really wanted to see my family especially my mom! Well, we had lot of things to do here in the house. I did a clean up couple weeks ago for the yard sale and so far we get rid of the stuff that we need to get rid of. We still have some couple old clothing that we need to sell and so far im still working with it. I won’t worry so much about it as long I keep it updated at the online yard sale so I am sure I still make sales out of it. I also working to sell some of my paintings and hope I can sell them all.

Anyhow, I broke the bathroom sink couple days ago and it has a crack in it. I told my husband about it and he said it will be okay if I put nail polish on the crack if it doesn’t work will buy a new sink. I shared him the website I found online at the they have great selections of vanities, sinks, faucets, tubs, bathroom, kitchen, lighting, hardware and more! So we might check it out and seee if we can find the one that we are looking for.



This photo taken last month of June in our convention at Pueblo. Every afternoon we bring the kids to the pool and they love it. Good thing i bring their floaties that time. That's the one they always looking forward too especially when we're on vacation or staying for couple nights at the Hotel. What a fun day! we stayed about 4 nights and 5 days there in Pueblo and all of us had great time!

guitar necks

A friend of mine was looking for a used guitar online and I told her to try to look at the online yard sale, they might have one because I saw some people selling their guitar for a very affordable price. Well, she wanted to buy for her brother as a present, she has a friend that offer her a free guitar but it needs a new guitar necks since it was broken and has a crack in it. So good thing I found a website where she can buy a guitar necks for a very affordable price. That way she don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money for a nice new guitar. She’s been thinking about it so will see and hope her brother will like her present. I am sure he will really appreciate it!

face paint

Monday was a nice day because i get a chance to play with the kids. We went on service in the morning and I invited some of the kids to come to my house and play for my kidos. We had some face paint at home so we decided to do a face paint. Dana, my 3 year old daughter her two girl friends wanted to paint a kitty cat in her face, Dustin my 7 year old son wanted to be a dog and one of my friend son wanted to be a tiger, and they play pretend after. One of the little girl is kind a sensitive on a face paint that's why she wanted to do a little paint on her porehead and she play as the pet owner. They had really fun! i also paint my face by myself, its just a simple one a blue flower :-) it was a fun day for the kids on that day and will absolutely do it again next time :-)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

louisville homes

Is Louisville is the place you want to live with your family? Are you still looking for a place to live there? Then why not visit the They have 1000s of Listings available and the louisville homes KY Real Estate will help you to find the perfect home for you and your family. I never been to Louisville before but I am sure there are tons of Filipino working up there. I saw the photos and it was a nice city. Wish we can visit Louisville someday and see the Museum and see popular and nice places in town.

went bowling!

Me and the kids went bowling last Monday and it was fun! I am supposed to met up with friends up there but then they change the plans. Instead of playing bowling with us, they went to Alamosa for some other matters. But anyhow, my kids are really wanted to play and they never been to bowling before. So i made up my mind and went at the bowling place here in the Valley and good thing becasue there's not so much people playing that time. My kids really love it and they really enjoy the game. Its been a long time also since I played bowling. That was the time when I was in my high school days. Well, its not really hard to learn bowling, all you have to do is throw and slide the bowl and see if you can get a spare, strike or split hehe :-) Will play again next Monday and hopefully daddy will go with us next time!


I’m not into tools so I am not really sure what are the names of all those screws and other stuff that my husband has in his tool box. He told me before about the standoffs but I still didn’t get it yet. I couldn’t find it in his tool box so I told him that he needs to find it himself. So he explain it to me again what those standoffs for and how they look like. Well, I better learn more about this tool because someday I might do something here in the house without my husband’s help.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Driving an ATV

This is my first time to drive an ATV, I thought it will be hard for me to learn but surprisingly I did it! I was able to help my husband pull the fence in our garden, we need to clear those unwanted weeds, garden box and those unwanted fence that they build before we moved in. We really dont need those. It just take a lot of space, I am not sure if we will do gardening this year but so far we planted trees, flowers and bushes infront and back to our house and it was so nice, the dogs love to sit down in the shade and they love to roll in the grass too. We did a lot yesterday, mowing the lawn and put the grass feed, watering the plants and so on and last night daddy take us to the movie theater to watch Despicable Me 2, it was a nice movie, its a must see movie for the family, i really enjoy it a lot. Thanks to our friends who invited us to watch movie and I'm glad the kids enjoyed it :-)

online print ordering software

Its nice to have our own printing business that way we don’t need to go to a printing store to print some of the important documents, brochures or even to print our business card. We still working with our dog elbow pads, we still didn’t find the right material to it but we tried to hire someone to do a print job for a business poster before but its kind a expensive so we end up buying a nice printer to do the job, but you know were not lucky to our home based business before because of my husband busy schedule, but we had a lot of plan though. Anyhow, while browsing online I found this compare online print ordering software at and this might be a good start. I like the fact that their service meets the demands of print businesses so we need to take advantage to this.