Thursday, July 25, 2013

face paint

Monday was a nice day because i get a chance to play with the kids. We went on service in the morning and I invited some of the kids to come to my house and play for my kidos. We had some face paint at home so we decided to do a face paint. Dana, my 3 year old daughter her two girl friends wanted to paint a kitty cat in her face, Dustin my 7 year old son wanted to be a dog and one of my friend son wanted to be a tiger, and they play pretend after. One of the little girl is kind a sensitive on a face paint that's why she wanted to do a little paint on her porehead and she play as the pet owner. They had really fun! i also paint my face by myself, its just a simple one a blue flower :-) it was a fun day for the kids on that day and will absolutely do it again next time :-)

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