Saturday, July 13, 2013

went bowling!

Me and the kids went bowling last Monday and it was fun! I am supposed to met up with friends up there but then they change the plans. Instead of playing bowling with us, they went to Alamosa for some other matters. But anyhow, my kids are really wanted to play and they never been to bowling before. So i made up my mind and went at the bowling place here in the Valley and good thing becasue there's not so much people playing that time. My kids really love it and they really enjoy the game. Its been a long time also since I played bowling. That was the time when I was in my high school days. Well, its not really hard to learn bowling, all you have to do is throw and slide the bowl and see if you can get a spare, strike or split hehe :-) Will play again next Monday and hopefully daddy will go with us next time!

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