Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kolter Homes has been making their mark for over a decade now.

I was in the mortgage industry during the boom, right here in South Florida. I am no longer in the mortgage industry and have since moved on. My company like so many hundreds of others went out of business once the easy credit dried up. It’s ok, I have completely and happily moved on but to be honest and economic downturn like the one that we all experienced has a very good job of weeding out the companies that should have probably never popped up to begin with. The weak companies folded or packed up shop and the financing companies or builders with good reputations and products make it through the storm.

One company that I vividly remember making a solid product is a company called Kolter Homes. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you have probably heard of one or more of their communities down here in South Florida. They’re headquartered in Palm Beach County, and their parent company is the Kolter Group. Kolter Homes brings more than a decade of experience in homebuilding to each of its neighborhoods, so they’ve been through the good and the bad of economies.

The company is committed to building valued residences and in as they say "Creating Better Communities." Kolter Homes doesn’t just pop out house after house, they understand that people are trying to purchase a dream and a lifestyle. With that in mind, Kolter Homes' team strives to deliver the desirable finishes and amenities that make their communities stand out. Kolter Homes' Design Centers offer a menu of finishes which are among the most sought after in the industry - including Green Builder Options so that customers can take advantage of the newest energy efficient home options.

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