Friday, January 24, 2014

ice skating!


This is the second time when me and my kids went to ice skating with friends! It was fun but it was pretty cold that time. We stayed about almost 2 hours. The kids did pretty good! they learn so fast! It was so fun to watch my little girl playing hockey by herself. My little boy still practicing, he fell many times but he keeps going because he really wanted to learn how to skate. I learn a little bit too, I try not to fall so I keep it slow :-) well, we might come back again next time and do more practice that way for next year we will be able to bring daddy with us to go ice skating!

play dress up...

My kids love to play dress up game. Just like what you see here on this photo. They are playing pretend, my little boy is hiccup with his little dragon toothless and dana my little girl is astrid holding her little dragon stormfly. They like the movie "How to train your Dragon" and they are into it. While I was sewing elbow pads for our dogs, my little girl ask if I could make her an Astrid costume and here it is! she is wearing it right now! its not really the same outfit that Astrid wear on that movie, but I did my best and use whatever fabric I have, same as my boy, he got jealous and wanted me to make him one also as look like his favorite character on that movie hiccup. Look at them now, they both happy and they love to play pretend :-) Pretty amazing how this kid use their imagination.

Monday, January 6, 2014

rapid detox for oxycontin

I remember my husband mentioned to me about oxycodone or oxycontin something but i dont have any idea what its all about. I dont know so much about medical terms and other names of medication and this oxycontin is something new for me. So what i did, I make my own research and find out that oxycontin is a controlled release form of oxycodone prescribed to treat cronic pain and if it used property, it can provide pain relief for up to 12 hours. Kind a interesting isn't it? My husband been suffering with back pain and I guess he took some of that kind of prescription and it really helps him. How about this rapid detox for oxycontin? have you ever heard about this one? well if you want to find out, you can take a look at their website, they have a lot of information about this matter. You'll learn about the difference between this and other rapid detox centers, the meaning of rapid detox and how safe rapid detox for opiate addiction and so on.

Back to school!

Two weeks holiday vacation is over and now it's time for my 8 year old son to go back to school. He is kind a excited but still he wants to stay home today. But I told him he needs to go to school and say hi to everybody. Its pretty cold outside and we did pretty good this morning. I wake him up the same time I always wake him in the morning, have breakfast and get him ready. We might stop by at his school and have lunch with him. But will see...