Wednesday, July 23, 2014

my kids trampoline trick

Just wanted to share the trampoline tricks that my kids did last couple weeks ago. They are having a blast! My 5 year old little girl just learn how to do somersault. Its not that bad for a 5 year old to learn it :-) its funny when she said, she can't believe it that she did it :-), she is funny! but me and my husband really enjoy watching them both.

music instruments at musicians friend

Who don’t love instruments? I bet all of us does love instruments. What type instruments you like the best? I like piano and guitar, my kids love drums and piano too. They know a little bit on how to play the piano since we have an organ here at the house. This is the organ we got from our friend last year before they moved. Next year we might buy a guitar for them that way they can practice. It’s nice to play guitar especially when we do our family gatherings with friends. Well, at least we already know where to go when it comes to music instruments at
So if you are looking for a music instruments for you and your family, don’t forget to stop by at musicians friend, I am sure you will find the instruments you like.

Outdoor Swing

This is our new outdoor swing, we made it last week. As you can see the outdoor in each side of the swing and we really save on this swing. My husband bought the swing set for $98.00 i guess and we provide those big wood, we had it before in the garage and good thing we are able to use it now for the kids swing. Kids love their new swing!

Our family pics

This is our new family shot for this month of july 2014. Love them all!

Our new Swing Set

We love our new swing set! my husband bought the swing set but we made the swing stand. We painted it white and me and the kids paint our favorite cartoon character in it and some other stuff that we like to add an artwork to each side of the wood. It was nice, we did a lot to it and we finish setting them all within 2 1/2 hours. It was a lot of work but it was worth it, kids love it and every afternoon, they play at the swing and spend time playing outside in their trampoline too.

cable ties

While me and my husband was cleaning in our garage, I saw about 2-3 boxes full of cables in it and it was a mess. I am not sure what those cables are from or if we could still use it or not. My husband said, we can still use those cables but first we need to organize it. He ask me if I can get some cable ties but I don’t know where to get it. We have tons of cable ties before, we got it at buy heat shrink, they have all the cable ties we need in different colors. I guess we used them all when we moved because I couldn’t find them anymore, or maybe we put it in the other boxes. I need to find them or else we need to buy another set of cable ties online or maybe at the nearest hardware store here in the valley.