Thursday, September 25, 2014

Making them lunch for school

I always prepare my kids lunch everyday and take it to them at school. Its a lot of work but I am getting used to it. It's nice to make their favorite lunch and make sure they will eat the food I prepared for them. They prefer to have a hot lunch and they doesn't like the food at school. I usually make them choose what they like and sometimes I make the choices too. I add fruits and vegies on sides and meat too. They like it when I eat with them. Last year, me and my daughter always visit my 8 year old son at school and eat with him at lunch time and also play with him after lunch. Now that my little girl is in Kindergarten, I made 2 pack lunch now. They went on different school so I drop off the lunch for my son at 11am and went to my daughter's school to give her lunch at 11:30, eat and play with her after. I also like to stay for a little while and see how she's doing. She's happy when I am around. Happy to be a mom! I am a busy mom now :-)

she's back to school!

My little girl was so excited to be back at school. She was excused for two in a half weeks because we have a family trip in the Philippines September 1st to 17th. So I'm glad it went well, we came home safe and everything is back for good now. Dana my 5 year old daughter can't wait to see her teacher and classmate again. So she was at her class last September 22nd til now. I'm so happy that she likes her school and that she really into it now. I never had hard time raising my two kids. They are such a good kids and I am so thankful for the both of them. Having such wonderful kids makes my heart very happy and proud. I am one proud mama of my two little children, one is 8 years old and my youngest is 5 years old. They are growing so fast. I can't believe I already have a kindergarten and a 3rd Grader! That's a fun for being a full time mom :-)

guitars centre

I was truly amazed on how many instruments the guitars centre have. They have a big selections of guitars, not only guitars, they also have keyboards, mics, band and orchestra , dj and lighting, drums, bass, recording and software and so on, anything you need in your musical instruments. If ever my kids needs a musical instruments, I already know where to get them. So if you are looking for any type of this product, why not visit their website and find out their huge selections of instruments? You will surprise how easy it is to shop at their website.