Thursday, September 25, 2014

Making them lunch for school

I always prepare my kids lunch everyday and take it to them at school. Its a lot of work but I am getting used to it. It's nice to make their favorite lunch and make sure they will eat the food I prepared for them. They prefer to have a hot lunch and they doesn't like the food at school. I usually make them choose what they like and sometimes I make the choices too. I add fruits and vegies on sides and meat too. They like it when I eat with them. Last year, me and my daughter always visit my 8 year old son at school and eat with him at lunch time and also play with him after lunch. Now that my little girl is in Kindergarten, I made 2 pack lunch now. They went on different school so I drop off the lunch for my son at 11am and went to my daughter's school to give her lunch at 11:30, eat and play with her after. I also like to stay for a little while and see how she's doing. She's happy when I am around. Happy to be a mom! I am a busy mom now :-)

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