Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pretty Sunset of San Luis Valley

This are the photo I took when my husband took me for a ride around 10 minutes away from where we live, we got a chance to see the beautiful orange sky. We really didn't see the sun going down but the view with the orange sky is so beautiful. I really appreciate God's creation and this view makes my day! Thanks bebeeh! Love you lots!

Kids tea party!

My two kids are very excited because they are invited for a kids tea party at one of their friends house. So that means, my husband and I got a chance to be alone together without the kids. They will be gone only for 2 hours, so my husband and I went to go out and eat then we went for a ride to the mountain for a little while to see the sunset. It was pretty nice, its quite a nice ride actually. It was sweet of him to take me for a ride to see the sunset. Then we pick up the kids after two hours. They seems pretty happy and worn out of course. They got all sugar rush because of all the sugar threats they had and they are look tired when they got home. My 5 year old girl fall asleep right after we came home. She lays down on her daddy's lap and fall asleep and my 8 year old son is busy in his game. He looks tired too but he seems pretty happy because he is the only the boy at the party :-)

Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Year Old Fil-American girl singing "Ako si Takure" Visayan version of "I'm a little tea pot"

She practice this song in 3 days. Visayan language is kind a hard to learn but she is a fast learner. I try to teach her tagalog and visayan language and sometimes she got confuse on two language. But when I teach her to sing this song, she started to like it and not only that, she is also learning how to sing head shoulder knees and toes in Visayan version. She is such a cutie and I am sure she won't have hard time learning another language on her early age. My son, seems having hard time pronouncing the word and he doesn't like the language that much. My son is not interested that much on Visayan language but hopefully he will learn too like her younger sister.

My kids drawing

This is such an adorable drawing of my two wonderful kids, Dana and Dustin. I thought I could post it here as a remembrance because I am sure they will erase it after. Look how happy they are in their drawings! I'm glad they feel that way and they enjoy each other as a brother and sister. So proud of my kids!

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Pumpkin Treats!

I made this pumpkin bread! it was delicious! We use einkorn flour, organic xylitol sugar, organic egg and cow share organic milk! All of the ingredients are mostly organic, its healthier than any regular flour and sugar. That's more my family like it! 

My Pumpkin Cookie! I put chocolate kisses in it and cut it into little pieces, it was delicious!

My muffin turns out really big, It looks like a cookie on the top and muffin in the bottom. Lolz :-) but it doesn't matter, my kids and hubby loves it!

a 5 year old drawing

This is a drawing of my 5 year old little girl. She gave it to me last night and it really touch my heart. She spell mammy instead of mommy but that was okay. I love the happy family that she made. It was beautiful and the sun is happy too! Isn't that sweet? We love our little girl and for us, she is very precious and we are so proud of her. :-)

a health insurance quote

A friend of mine from NC was so worry about her health insurance. I am not sure if she’s happy on her insurance or maybe the insurance company just giving her problem. Or maybe she is paying so much and not get enough coverage to it. She thought about getting a new one but she never find one that she really like. She ask some of her family and friends too. She ask me one time what type of health insurance we have and I told her that my husband is the one who has the health insurance from his employer and that I got covered with it too together with our two children. They took it out from his paycheck every month but we never had problem with our health insurance. So, what I did, I told her to give it a try a health insurance quote and maybe she will find the one she’s looking for. Getting a quote is a good idea to find out which insurance that is right for you and affordable. So will see, hopefully she will find the health insurance that she is happy and satisfied with. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Draw in the Sand, Samal Island Philippines

The things my kids love to do in the beach is to draw in the sand. They draw a lot of things. This is the one I like the best. Dana made I love you with our family inside the heart. It was so sweet! I draw the first photo and my 8 year old son draw a tree and a car then my 5 year old daughter draw me and her next to the house. I ask her where is your brother and daddy? She said, they are in the car waiting for us :-) that was adorable!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pumpkin Night

Today, I received a big huge pumpkin from one of our friend. She got 2 huge pumpkin at their house and she doesn't know what to do with it and she doesn't want to waste it. So she gave me one and this is what it looks like now.

I cut a big square in it and use it for tonight. I did a lot of baking today! That's a lot of work! I made a pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffin and a pumpkin chocolate cookies! Yummy! We use einkorn flour and organic sugar. It's more safer than the regular flour and regular sugar because they are GMOs, better to be safe than to regret it later. :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dana's Horse Hat

She is such a silly girl. She love her new horse hat. We bought that hat when we had breakfast at Organic Feddler at Del Norte couple weeks ago when my mother in law and brother in law come visit us here for a week. She always wear it all the time. Sometimes, she change it once in a while. She had a lot of different kinds of hat, from owl, cat, warm hat and winter hat in different colors. She never get enough hats, lolz :-) 

Astronaut Deer - kids project

Well, since we don't do thanksgiving, my son's school are doing a turkey project for thanksgiving and instead of a Turkey dressing up, my son's teacher decided to give him a deer to dress up as their project. He wanted to dress up his deer as an Astronaut and we make a space background with moon and stars. It turn out pretty good! We use aluminum foil for the clothing and add a little design to his clothes using glitter glue. Now, his astronaut deer is ready to be hang outside their classroom at the board and let everybody see it. Its another fun project for my kidos. :-)