Friday, November 21, 2014

a health insurance quote

A friend of mine from NC was so worry about her health insurance. I am not sure if she’s happy on her insurance or maybe the insurance company just giving her problem. Or maybe she is paying so much and not get enough coverage to it. She thought about getting a new one but she never find one that she really like. She ask some of her family and friends too. She ask me one time what type of health insurance we have and I told her that my husband is the one who has the health insurance from his employer and that I got covered with it too together with our two children. They took it out from his paycheck every month but we never had problem with our health insurance. So, what I did, I told her to give it a try a health insurance quote and maybe she will find the one she’s looking for. Getting a quote is a good idea to find out which insurance that is right for you and affordable. So will see, hopefully she will find the health insurance that she is happy and satisfied with. 

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