Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kids tea party!

My two kids are very excited because they are invited for a kids tea party at one of their friends house. So that means, my husband and I got a chance to be alone together without the kids. They will be gone only for 2 hours, so my husband and I went to go out and eat then we went for a ride to the mountain for a little while to see the sunset. It was pretty nice, its quite a nice ride actually. It was sweet of him to take me for a ride to see the sunset. Then we pick up the kids after two hours. They seems pretty happy and worn out of course. They got all sugar rush because of all the sugar threats they had and they are look tired when they got home. My 5 year old girl fall asleep right after we came home. She lays down on her daddy's lap and fall asleep and my 8 year old son is busy in his game. He looks tired too but he seems pretty happy because he is the only the boy at the party :-)

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