Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cold and Flu...

Yes, one of my kid got cold and flu and it last for a week. Thank God it didn't last that long unlike other kids got sick for the whole 2 weeks or more! Cold and Flu is very common in the Valley and its going around. My 8 year old son seems got it from school. He woke up in the morning with a really dry annoying cough. So I called the school to excuse him for the day. Then he got 100.8 fever at night. He start throwing up and have diarrhea. We give him a lot of fluids, pump him up with green juice, vitamins, cod liver oil and the sugar pill for his sinus. Lot of rest and I also give him massage on his back, foot and leg. I used my favorite essential oil "White Flower", its made in hongkong. I got them online. I been using this white flower since I was a kid and I'll tell you its really works. My son sleep good at night but there are days that he really had a bad night. Cough keeps waking him up, it wake us up too. Good thing he feel better now. We didn't take him to the doctor, we just keep it home safe and warm. Give him lot of attention, lots of love and care. Give him all the vitamins that his body needs and I think the green juice helps a lot too. I like to use warm and honey lemon for him to drink and that helps his cough. 

We don't believe in flu shot and we try not to get a shot because of all the weird ingredients they put in it so we don't want to put that in our body and even in our kids body. We research a lot about vaccines and we are not happy with the results, so we decided to avoid vaccines. I never get flu shot too and I don't get sick that much. I try to watch my diet and try not to over eat any kind of wheat products, dairy and sugar and also not to forget to take all my vitamins, drink a lot of water, exercise two times a week, control the stress, have enough sleep, be happy and have a healthy spiritual routine. That's what I do to have a healthy lifestyle :-)

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