Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cold season...

Today is the cold season where everybody get sick and have flu. My son got a flu since last week. He is still recovering, he looks a lot better now than couple days ago. He started having dizziness and headache, then he got diarrhea for couple of days, then he got a fever of 100.4 to 100.9, its not so bad though and he is not miserable at night, he sleep good even though he woke up couple times at night to use the bathroom. Now, he said his tongue is sore so we check it and he has 3 canker sore in both side of his tongue and also in the front. Feel bad for him, hope he gets well pretty soon, he is still struggling with his cold. I give him massage every night, put ice pack in his head to keep her cool off. Give him cold water for him to drink when he gets thirsty. We keep pumping him with vitamins and green juice and also probiotics and iodine. So hope he gets well and back to his health before school starts. So will see, we just need to keep an eye on him and if its get worst, we need to take him to the doctor. 

Her first happy snowman for this winter

Look at her first happy snowman for this winter! Its really hard to make a really big ball of snow because the snow is kind a so powdery and its not good enough to make a real snowman but she make like a hill and then she create a head like in the middle and put carrots as a nose, add small rocks for the eyes, then she get her pink scarf and her favorite knitted hat to add it on to her snowman. She did pretty good and I help her get some branches to add it as a hand and give her a big smiley face using a stick. She is really proud of what she made, so happy to see her happy and enjoying building her snowman. 

She loves snow!

I can tell she loves snow a lot! It didn't bother her if its cold outside, she just keep throwing snow on herself and she keep saying "more snow, more snow!". I am the one who get cold easily! We got stuck in the house for a week now because my son still recovering with his cold and here's my 6 year old little girl, couldn't get enough of snow and she wants to play more outside. So I was just watching her on the window while she is playing in the backyard.

dana's swing trick

This is a little trick she did when she was swinging couple days ago after we got couple inches of snow last Friday. She keep doing it and she thinks its fun! So I took a picture of her as a remembrance. She keep saying "mommy look at me! I do a trick!", She is such a sweetie pie, she got tons of energy. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

New toys!

More toys for the kids! Kids never get enough of toys. Look how happy she is, daddy bought her a new toys when he has a class in Denver for a week. My son got a toy too, his favorite toy, its a huge lego set. It makes their day to receive such kind of toys. Make them happy and of course makes mommy and daddy happy too. :-) They both deserve it because they are good kids and they do really good at school. So proud of them :-)

dana's market day

I'm so glad that my daughter's teacher decided to do a market day instead of having a christmas party. The kids will learn how to do a marketing and how they can use their money wisely. The teacher told them to bring any handmade crafts and snacks to bring on the market day and sell it using their pirate bucks at school. So my daughter and I decided to make a rice krispies treats and a handmade bracelet for their marketing day and guess what? She sold everything! She sell it for 3 pirate bucks for the rice krispies and 5 pirate bucks for the bracelet and all her classmates love it. Some of the kids made an amazing crafts too like the one in the picture above, one of her classmates made a message notes, magnets, something they can hang in their christmas tree and more snacks. Kids having fun and I'm glad I got a chance to volunteer to help out that time. 

Minions nail art

Here's the minion nail art I made for my 6 year old little girl. We got the idea on pinterest and I decided to try it for her. We use a non toxic nail polish that we ordered online at amazon, its the Bo-Po nail polish, it has 10 colors, brush on peel off, its easy to peel off and my daughter love it! 

Loose tooth!

She loose another tooth! She was really excited when she loose her upper tooth. She put her tooth in a small plastic bag and show it off to her friends, classmates and teachers at school. Of course daddy is so happy too so daddy bought her a present after he got off from work and surprise our little girl. We also treat her at dairy queen for a yummy dessert. It's way better than tooth fairy :-) We don't believe in tooth fairy though and I don't want my kids to believe it either because we know its not real. So whenever my kids loose their tooth, they got a reward that way they are happy and not sad when they loose their tooth. This is her 3rd loose tooth and the other one is started to loose too, it might come out next year 2016. So will see... :-)

Gibson guitars

Have you seen the 2016 Gibson guitar collection at musicians friend? They got the highly top rated and best seller guitar at their online store. They drop the prices and got a really good deal in their Gibson guitar collections. If I wear a musician, I would like to own one and I would like to have a Gibson electric guitar for my son. Maybe when he grow up, it depends if he choose to learn how to play guitar or any kind of instruments just like his uncle from Michigan. We have close friend that they play in the band, its the father and his 2 sons and they play really good. Whenever they visit here in the Valley, they always bring their instruments and play it. Its nice to hear their music, they also have couple of songs that they wrote and I bet they will become a popular group band someday. So, from Acoustic Guitars, customs and even pick ups and accessories, musicians friend has all you need. Shop now and find out the latest from Gibson at musicians friend! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our little Pearly...

Here's our little Pearly. She is about 6 months old now. I noticed that she lose a lot of feathers this past couple weeks. I am not sure if its normal for her to lose feather. I think its just fell out itself when she grooms herself. I save most of her feathers, I am going to use it for my art project this week or maybe a couple of feather earrings. She is such a little sweetheart. She loves to be in my shoulder, that's the most comfortable place for her I guess. She likes things that are sparkle especially earrings. I'm glad we got her, she is part of our family  now and we love her a bunch! 

Dana's headstand

Look at my 6 year old daughter, she can do a headstand now without being in the wall. That was absolutely awesome, she can headstand for 10-15 seconds. It takes a lot of practice for her and she did it! She is such an athletic little girl :-) good job sweetie pie! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sleeping on top of daddy...

This is such a sweet photo of my daughter and husband. They both sleeping and I thought I could take a photo of them as a remembrance. We're watching movie that night and suddenly they both very quiet so when I look at them, they are both sleeping already and my son still playing game in his tablet while me finishing the movie. :-)

Caleb and Sofia in our family worship project

These are the photos of the kids with their favorite characters in kids videos Caleb and Sofia. We made them out of cardboard last Saturday during our family worship and while were doing it, we're listening kingdom melody songs. That was such a peaceful and joyful time we did that night. The bottom picture was Liana, she's one of my kids friends that come over yesterday and she really like the Caleb and Sofia character we made and she wanted me to take a photos of her and send it to her mom to see. That was such an awesome day! 

At Parent teacher conference

Last Thursday, November 5th. We went for our kids Parent Teacher Conference. It was really nice, we get a lot of compliment with my two kids. One is in 4th grade and the other one is in first grade. My 4th grader son is a very smart kid, he got all A+ and his reading is already above 5th grader. The teacher ask us if its okay for us to let Dustin take a test for a "Gifted Child". They will test him and see how it goes. If he pass, he will be one of the gifted child at their school and it will help him in the long run when he goes to highschool and college I guess. He will get that scholarship but will see, we are not sure yet but we are not worry about it. We are happy of what he did and what he can do at school. He love school and he never make a complain about it and that is all that matters for us. His best is enough for us because we know that everyday he did his very best at school. My first grader daughter, she did pretty good too, she got all 3s and 4s. She did good in reading also so it makes us proud as a parent and because of that, we let them buy the books they like at the book fair and also we treat them to Sonic for dinner and they are so happy. We can see the happiness in their eyes and it was such a joy to see them feel that way. Love them both!... :-) 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Kids found a bunny outside the hotel!

Look what we found here! Its a bunny! We are staying at the Fairfield Marriot in Aurora couple weeks ago for our one day special Assembly and before we go in to our room, we found this little bunny. He was so cute! My daughter was pretty amazed to this bunny, we found two bunny actually before we got back after dinner. I bet there's couple of bunny around that visit the area and they are looking for food. It was pretty neat. So just thought I might share it here :-)

kids run for a smile at school

Every year, kids have this 'Run for a Smile' at school and of course parents are welcome to come and cheer on their kids. I always go for my two kids and I also run for them. I don't do it that much though, I ran 6 laps for my daughter and 2 laps for my son. I was pretty tired and my leg are sore for all the running. I told my son I can ran for him for couple times since I ran this morning for her sister. He said its okay I don't need to run with him, I can just cheer him and wait for him till they finish. It was pretty fun though. :-) They are both happy that i was there for them and that counts the most. 

Kids playing at the river

This photo taken couple weeks ago when we went to Creede and of course we don't want to miss to have lunch at Freemons and have ice cream. After we eat we walk around and look at the river and just enjoy the scenery. It was such a nice day! The view is absolutely  beautiful, it just started to change colors, so we are ready for the Fall and not looking forward for the winter! :-)

Novation new

While I was browsing instruments at guitar center, I bumped to this Novation New Circuit Groove. It looks similar as the one I saw when me and couple of my friends visit another musician friend. That was before way back when I was in my home town. It was pretty neat! When I noticed it, I ask him what is that for and he said, he is working with a new music and he made it from scratch out in his laptop and its pretty cool. You know when you are a musician, you can do anything when it comes to music. They can easily create music with such tools and he is a pretty amazing artist. We love to hear him sing and play his instruments, his pretty talented! So if you are looking for a Novation new online, stop by at guitar center, there you find a great deal for all their Novation Circuit Groove Box.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Pink cardboard mask - a swan and a flamingo

I love making mask with my kids, either made of duck tapes, cardboard or anything. I am making more mask for our upcoming arts and crafts gatherings with our little friends. That's going to be exciting and the kids are very excited about it. We will held it at our house since we have a big area in our backyard. So I'll keep you posted on our arts and crafts gatherings on my next post.

Our sweet little pearly bird

Its been more than a month since we got our pearly bird. She get used to us and she loves kisses! She loves to be in the picture too! She is such a sweety little pearly bird. I'm glad we bought her, she is such a bundle of joy to our family.

at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Pagosa Springs

After our 3 days convention in Aurora, the fun still didn't stop there. Instead of going back home, we stay another one night on Pueblo after our whole day fun at the zoo at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, this is our second time we come there and we still love it. We all love the way how they put everything together, the lift, all the animals and all the rides they have. The view are pretty amazing and the weather is really not bad that time. It was cloudy and it rains a little bit that's why we brought our umbrella in case and the kids really had a blast. It was such a great time to spend as a family and my kids really love animals. The highlight of all things is when we fed the giraffes, that was pretty cool to be able to get up close with those giraffes. They are such a pretty animals. 

best electronic drum set for beginners

I was very fascinated with instruments before when I was young but I never get a chance to play it because my family couldn't afford it. I just end up borrowing or do it at my friends house but I never had a chance to sit down and learn it. I try the guitar before but it ends up didn't work, so I started the piano but end up lost interest. It gets complicated but now my kids started to do the same. One time when we went to visit my mother in law in Michigan, my brother in law showed us his set of drums, my kids was really amazed how loud it played. So my son get a chance to play it and I ask him if he wants to learn how to play drum because I saw it online the best electronic drum set for beginners and I thought this one will be good for him. But he is still thinking about it and he said, he is not sure if he really wants to play drums or any kind of instruments, he is happy now for being fascinated with science and physics. So will see, it might change in no time when he grows up.

Friday, September 4, 2015

jump for joy!

Such a great joy to see your kids enjoying the conventions. This photo taken after lunch time, they really had a great time together with their close friend Renee. You can tell how happy they are and this is one of my favorite photo of them. It was cute isn't it? I took a perfect moment here! Love this picture :-) 

My little cowgirl

One of our friend is graduating this year and they decided to have a gathering and the theme is "western outfit like cowgirl and cowboy look". After dinner, the kids got a chance to play outside and play like the one my daughter did in the picture. She is trying and she did very good.  It was such a nice gathering together with our loving spiritual brothers and sisters. :-)

Friday, July 17, 2015

she found a baby bird

While were our in the ministry, my little girl found this bird. It seems like a big baby bird, she doesn't know how to fly yet, she just bouncing around. My little girl try to make her feel that she is safe and that she won't hurt him and she got a chance to touch and pet her. That was such a nice morning. It makes her day and now she can't wait to see her new cinnamon pearl cockatiel pet. We will going to pick up her new bird that we bought for her this Sunday so that going to be so exciting for her.

Monday, July 13, 2015

nail art with friends

My little girl like to do all girly stuff just like doing nail art and when one of our friend Jessica came over, they got a chance to do nail art together. They really had fun and they are trying to do the mixing color in the water. I do it with her too and I let her choose whatever color she likes.

rainbow ducktape slipper

These are the two slippers I made for my little girl this week made out of a rainbow duck tape. I'm glad she likes it and she is happy to wear it all the time at home and showing it to her friends! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

hettich drawer slides

I was cleaning up our kitchen drawers yesterday and I was wondering why the other drawer seems not working. Something stocked in the drawer slide. So I was thinking maybe it just need a little oil to loosened the area or just need to take it out and replace a new one. Well, that drawer is not been used for couple years now since we moved here, its just additional space to put things, maybe old towels and other old kitchenwares. I like the idea of having a multiple stackable drawers in our kitchen for more additional space. Bigger drawer the better I guess, to put the big pans and pots. The hettich drawer slides will be a good idea. I saw couple of hettich drawer slides online for a very good price at and guess what? They also have the grand heavy duty drawer slides available. So if you are planning to do remodeling in your kitchen drawers and wanted to get some ideas on which drawer slides works the best then this website is the right place for you to visit!  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My kids drawing

Last weekend, we invited couple of friends in the house to play with my kids. That was after our gathering at the park with our fellow friends. Weather changes in the afternoon and we decided just to head back home but the kids insist they wanted to play more and invite their friends over. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon so why not. Their friends can stay until 5 or 6pm, they still have two hours to spend to play. So it was nice that our friends let their kids play with my kids that afternoon in our house. I give them something to do while it was raining outside. I let them sit down and draw things they like and here's the drawing of my two kids. My 9 year old did pretty good in his racing car and my 6 year old been thinking about bird lately maybe that's why she draw love bird in the mountain. Sweet! They did pretty amazing! Love them both! 

Our guinea pigs

Its been 3 months since we bought our two guinea pig named Apollo and Glo-Berry. They are such an adorable guinea pigs. They grown a lot! Kids love them so much never forget to give them love and attention, lucky guinea pigs to have such a wonderful kids to taking care of them. I help the kids clean up their cage and so far, its easy to taking care of them. Couple more days we have another pet to add in the family and that is the cockatiel bird. Hope it wont be hard to taking care of the bird than the guinea pigs. My kids love animals so can't blame them because they are just like their daddy. Now we have 3 dogs, 2 english mastiff that are both 9 years old and 1 pitbull, she'll be 16 years old this year. She's a very old dog but she still doing good even though she's having hard time with her arthritis. We have 2 guinea pigs, more than 10 fishes and 1 bird :-) What a big family isn't it? hehe :D

Met our kids new pet!

Next couple days, we will have our new additional pet in our family. She is cinnamon pearl Cockateil. The yellow one in the picture. He/she needs to be weaned for couple days and she will be ready on 17th this month. We called her pearl or pearly. Can't wait to pick up pearly on 17th! We already got her a cage and food so we're ready to go, all we need is to wait couple days and pick her up and take her home with us :-)

duck tape bow headband

This is one of the duck tape art project I made for my little girl last night. She really loves it. It matches on her rainbow slipper and bracelet. Isn't this adorable? I might make her another one in different color. Glad we find this rainbow duck tape because she really like rainbow colors.  

She loose her second tooth!

She had her second loose tooth for awhile now and at last it came off two days ago! She is very sensitive about it because the last time she give a little push in her tooth, it was bleeding and she feel pain after so we wait a little few days before we give it a little wiggle again but then two days ago, she was brushing her tooth and when she touch her tooth it just fell itself. Now, she is very happy, she is a big girl now loosing her two baby tooth and she already have two adult tooth growing in it. She is making silly faces on her self everytime she look at herself in the mirror. She thinks she looks funny without tooth in the bottom front of her teeth. She still our little cutie sweetie pie :-D 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jurassic World Movie

Our family watch the Jurassic World in the first day opening and it was nice. My son doesn't like it that much. He is 9 years old and this is his first time to see the movie about Dinosaurs. We didn't see the first part of the Jurassic Park and he seems scared to watch the movie. And I am so proud of him that he watch it anyway with us. He cover his eyes almost half of the movie but at the end he said he likes it. My 6 year old girl, she was okay with it. I ask her if how she does and she said, she's scared a little bit. She doesn't like to see the dinosaur eating human and she almost cried when she saw the other dinosaur got hurt and died. But at the end, she really enjoys it when the Mosasaurus take the bad dinosaur into the water and Blue the velociraptor help the good dinosaur to take the bad dinosaur down. It was pretty intense movie! But the end it was nice :-) 

Inside Out Movie Night

What an exciting night for the kids to watch movie with their friends. Last night we are able to watch "Inside Out" with couple of our friends and their kids. We're all 16 in a group watching movies together. That was awesome! The movie is really nice, it really touches our hearts, its all about our emotions and how it works in our mind. That was pretty interesting movie. My husband and I both cried in the movie. :-)

taylor guitar

While visiting at guitar center, I bumped to their taylor guitars collections and they have pretty nice taylor guitars available. I noticed that most of the guitars have 5 star ratings. They have pretty good deal too so if you are looking for a guitar for a good price, taylor guitar is the one I will recommend and here's the visit you can visit,Guitar.gc

The one that really caught my eye is the Taylor 714CE-N rosewood/spruce nylon string grand auditorium guitar. Its a little high in my budget, but that guitar is really nice. I like the color and the style and the designs seems pretty cool. I bet it will play nice. I better need to learn how to play guitar that way I can buy my own guitar and play it anytime whenever we had get together with friends. I miss those times when one of our friends visit us and play music in our house. Feels like a real live band to us.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We got the same pair of shoes!

Me and my daughter have the same pair of shoes! She really insisted that I need to get one the same as hers. So why not right? I found the same one that is perfectly fit on me so here we are, we got the same pair! She is so happy and she brag to everyone that we are like twins :-) So silly girl :-D

Went to Lego Store!

Kids never get enough toys! They are so excited when we went to the mall and of course they see a lego store up there. We came in and daddy said, you go ahead and pick a toys you like and you see how happy they are and excited to pick up their favorite legos. Dustin got 2 lego boxes and Dana only get one since we bought her toys when we went to Sea Life and also she got what she likes when we went to Brookstone. So it work out well and I bought a dress for me at Anne Taylor and we all bought a new pair of shoes for 4 of us :-) 

Jump for joy!

This was taken outside mom's yard. They are jumping for joy because we will go for a ride, visit their cousins, have lunch at coney islands and go to the mall after. It was a busy day for us but it was nice. Love this photo :-)

Her and Joey

Love this photo, she just met Joey, my mother in law's dog. She is half breed yorkie and something, i forgot the name. Its my little girl little buddy when we visit mom in Michigan. He is a very adorable dog, he wakes us up and say hello to us all the time. He loves kisses!