Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Horse feeding

It was such a neat afternoon while we are in the ministry, we got a call from a sister that there car is locked, she forgot the key inside the car and her car automatically lock it itself. So I'm glad we called them that time and checked how they are doing and she never had my number. So we came to the rescue and get her spare key at their house and head out where they are. They went to one of our sister's house to fed their horses so the kids are so happy, they get a chance to pet the horses and fed them with hays. It was kind a neat and I'm glad we called them! I think Jehovah is really directing us and we help the sister that needs help on that moment. Guess what we see when we get there too? We saw a wild owl! Its pretty neat that we saw it closeup. I will keep posted it later :-) 

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