Tuesday, February 3, 2015

customized keychains

Last year in our anniversary I bought a nice anniversary heart keychain, one for me and one for my behalf and he really likes it! It was a very simple gift but it came from the heart. Keychain is a nice gift, you can see it all the time hanging in their handbags or sometimes they carry it all the time together with their car keys. I have one that I carry around with my car keys. I got that keychain when we visit Philippines and I also have one from San Francisco and that's the one I have for my handbag. Well, if your looking for a customized keychain, Penfactory customized keychains is the one I will recommend. They have a large assortment of promotional key rings, made of plastic and brass and in various shapes in sizes. You can visit their website at and find the keychain you need! 

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