Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dana and Clifford

My little girl like to read Clifford books and even watch the Clifford shows on TV. At their school library, we found this huge clifford, so I took a picture of my little girl. She is so happy to be able to be in a picture with Big Clifford! :-) Look at Clifford, she looks at Dana like, what's up little girl? :-) Cute!

Spooky tree...

Here's the spooky tree I took couple weeks ago. It looks weird isn't it? My daughter doesn't like to look at those trees, she thinks that the tree are very spooky with the faces in it. Its like they have the eyes, nose and the  mouth. I saw a lot of trees that looks like this but this one, we can see it whenever we go to safeway to shop. ;-)

Guinea Pig on a ride!

Isn't this adorable? This is the guinea pig we just bought for our kids couple weeks ago and my little girl take him into a ride in her toy car. So cute! She really love her guinea pig. She name her Glo-Berry because of her pretty red eyes that looks like a berries :-)

bose power supply

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