Monday, June 22, 2015

Jurassic World Movie

Our family watch the Jurassic World in the first day opening and it was nice. My son doesn't like it that much. He is 9 years old and this is his first time to see the movie about Dinosaurs. We didn't see the first part of the Jurassic Park and he seems scared to watch the movie. And I am so proud of him that he watch it anyway with us. He cover his eyes almost half of the movie but at the end he said he likes it. My 6 year old girl, she was okay with it. I ask her if how she does and she said, she's scared a little bit. She doesn't like to see the dinosaur eating human and she almost cried when she saw the other dinosaur got hurt and died. But at the end, she really enjoys it when the Mosasaurus take the bad dinosaur into the water and Blue the velociraptor help the good dinosaur to take the bad dinosaur down. It was pretty intense movie! But the end it was nice :-) 

Inside Out Movie Night

What an exciting night for the kids to watch movie with their friends. Last night we are able to watch "Inside Out" with couple of our friends and their kids. We're all 16 in a group watching movies together. That was awesome! The movie is really nice, it really touches our hearts, its all about our emotions and how it works in our mind. That was pretty interesting movie. My husband and I both cried in the movie. :-)

taylor guitar

While visiting at guitar center, I bumped to their taylor guitars collections and they have pretty nice taylor guitars available. I noticed that most of the guitars have 5 star ratings. They have pretty good deal too so if you are looking for a guitar for a good price, taylor guitar is the one I will recommend and here's the visit you can visit,Guitar.gc

The one that really caught my eye is the Taylor 714CE-N rosewood/spruce nylon string grand auditorium guitar. Its a little high in my budget, but that guitar is really nice. I like the color and the style and the designs seems pretty cool. I bet it will play nice. I better need to learn how to play guitar that way I can buy my own guitar and play it anytime whenever we had get together with friends. I miss those times when one of our friends visit us and play music in our house. Feels like a real live band to us.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We got the same pair of shoes!

Me and my daughter have the same pair of shoes! She really insisted that I need to get one the same as hers. So why not right? I found the same one that is perfectly fit on me so here we are, we got the same pair! She is so happy and she brag to everyone that we are like twins :-) So silly girl :-D

Went to Lego Store!

Kids never get enough toys! They are so excited when we went to the mall and of course they see a lego store up there. We came in and daddy said, you go ahead and pick a toys you like and you see how happy they are and excited to pick up their favorite legos. Dustin got 2 lego boxes and Dana only get one since we bought her toys when we went to Sea Life and also she got what she likes when we went to Brookstone. So it work out well and I bought a dress for me at Anne Taylor and we all bought a new pair of shoes for 4 of us :-) 

Jump for joy!

This was taken outside mom's yard. They are jumping for joy because we will go for a ride, visit their cousins, have lunch at coney islands and go to the mall after. It was a busy day for us but it was nice. Love this photo :-)

Her and Joey

Love this photo, she just met Joey, my mother in law's dog. She is half breed yorkie and something, i forgot the name. Its my little girl little buddy when we visit mom in Michigan. He is a very adorable dog, he wakes us up and say hello to us all the time. He loves kisses! 

Her first loose tooth

She is very happy when she loose her first tooth. She can't wait to see her adult tooth to come out. She accidentally hit her chin with her fist and that's how she loose her tooth. Her tooth is been loose before we went to Michigan and she always say that she will show it off to all her friends when we get back. She is so adorable :-)